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into "wild rice," which they cultivated as a staple food.[7] In historic times, this area was the traditional territory of the Menominee Indian Tribe. They were removed to west of the Mississippi River and now have a reservation along the Wolf River in North Central Wisconsin. Menominee gained prominence in the 19th century as a lumber town; in its heyday, it produced more lumber than any other city in the United States of America. During this time of prosperity, the Menominee Opera House was built. It is being restored.[8] In the 1910s a cycle car, the "Dudly Bug", was manufactured in Menominee. In the waning years of lumber production, local business interests, interested in diversifying Menominee's manufacturing base, attracted inventor Marshall Burns Lloyd and his Minneapolis company Lloyd Manufacturing, which made wicker baby buggies. In 1917 Lloyd invented an automated process for weaving wicker and manufactured it as the Lloyd Loom. This machine process is still in use today.[9] In the 21st century, the economy of Menominee is based on manufacturing (paper products, wicker lawn furniture, and auto supplies) and tourism. In 1940, during the "Vote for Gracie" publicity stunt in which comedian Gracie Allen ran for President, she was nominated for mayor of Menominee, but was disqualified because she was not a resident of the city.[10] The Menominee Maroons won the state high school championship in its division for basketball in 1967 and football in 1998, 2006 and 2007. In the 2006 season the Maroons finished unbeaten and only allowed 38 points scored against them but their offense scored 513 point in that entire season . They beat the former Wisconsin and Minnesota Division One state champions. Menominee shares a historic high school football rivalry with neighbor Marinette, Wisconsin. The two have conducted the third longest rivalry in the nation.[11]


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In this excerpt the scholar Socrates recounts the story of Thamus the Egyptian king and Theuth the inventor of the written word. In this story Theuth presents his new invention writing to King Thamus telling wandasandraannaamyheatherThamus that his new invention will improve both the wisdom and memory of the Egyptians Postman Neil Technopoly Vintage New York p. . King Thamus is skeptical of this new invention and rejects it as a tool of recollection rather than retained knowledge. He argues that the written word will infect the Egyptian people with fake knowledge as they will be able to attain facts and stories from an external source and will no longer be forced to mentally retain large quantities of knowledge themselves Postman Neil Technopoly Vintage New York p.Classical early modern theories of knowledge especially those advancing the influentialjohnnydennisrichardannann empiricism of the philosopher John Locke were based racheltammyjohnnykathrynchristinaimplicitly or explicitly on a model of the mind which likened ideas to words. This analogy between language and thought laid the foundation for a graphic conception of knowledge in which the mind was treated as a table a container of content that had to be stocked with facts reduced to letters numbers or symbols. This created a situation in which the spatial alignment of words on the page carried great cognitive weight so much so that educators paid very close attention to the visual structure of information on the page and in notebooks.


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