Why that one girl ignores you…


So how did some skinny trailer park loser, and a Goldfish discover the secret password to unlock a woman's desire for you?

Find out here if ya can't wait:

Let's get into the facts of what Joshua Pellicer discovered.



Basically, nearly all females on earth choose who they want to mate with off of pre-selection.

So, to give the example of the Goldfish --- yeah I'm going there --- it goes like this:

Male goldfish all look the same.

Females need to mate.

So, who do the females choose?

The male goldfish that other female goldfish are mating with.

How does this play out with us human's?

When a girl decides who she wants to be sexual with... she goes for the guy that other women are choosing.

They think deep down in there instincts,

"Well other women want him. Therefore he must have superior genes".

Hold up. Before you say "looks", "money", or "fame"...

Not so fast.

In case ya haven't noticed social media has changed a lot for women. They are not the virgins they were back in the ole day. Female role models now seem to be naked in a music video... or in a more “Extremely NSFW” video that was "leaked".

Women are more independent now too.

The guys they like, the guys they notice, it's not on looks.

It's all about "Pre-selection".

And, you don't need girls surrounding you right now to do it.

Instead you use his simple little map. It's like a treasure map that leads right to her...

Let's say "kitty". (And, it builds a powerful deep intimate connection in about 20 minutes or less... if that's your thang.)

See the map for yourself here in this shocking video:

Cl!ck here

Patricia  Miller


In the case of the ring-porous hardwoods, there seems to exist a pretty definite relation between the rate of growth of timber and its properties. This may be briefly summed up in the general statement that the more rapid the growth or the wider the rings of growth, the heavier, harder, stronger, and stiffer the wood. This, it must be remembered, applies only to ring-porous woods such as oak, ash, hickory, and others of the same group, and is, of course, subject to some exceptions and limitations. In ring-porous woods of good growth, it is usually the latewood in which the thick-walled, strength-giving fibers are most abundant. As the breadth of ring diminishes, this latewood is reduced so that very slow growth produces comparatively light, porous wood composed of thin-walled vessels and wood parenchyma. In good oak, these large vessels of the earlywood occupy from 6 to 10 percent of the volume of the log, while in inferior material they may make up 25% or more. The latewood of good oak is dark colored and firm, and consists mostly of thick-walled fibers which form one-half or more of the wood. In inferior oak, this latewood is much reduced both in quantity and quality. Such variation is very largely the result of rate of growth. Wide-ringed wood is often called "second-growth", because the growth of the young timber in open stands after the old trees have been removed is more rapid than in trees in a closed forest, and in the manufacture of articles where strength is an important consideration such "second-growth" hardwood material is preferred. This is particularly the case in the choice of hickory for handles and spokes. Here not only strength, but toughness and resilience are important


This is most powerful gun magnet on the market


Hey folks,

We’ve been doing some gear testing lately with an easy way to deploy your weapon and found this little gadget was the best thing to have. It secures your weapon and makes it easy to pull it out at any moment.

It works great in your car, at home, or even in a safe hiding spot.
This is most powerful gun magnet on the market

The manufacturer sent us a few boxes, and after passing some around to friends and family, we have a few left.

Want one? Grab one here, but we have to cut it off at midnight tonight so don't wait..

Harvey Jenkins

Two natural "safe" directions to point the muzzle are up (at the sky) and down (at the ground). Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Firing at the ground may result in a ricochet or cause hazardous fragments to be flung at people or objects. Aiming upward eliminates this risk but replaces it with the risk that the bullet may cause damage when it comes down to the ground again. A bullet fired straight up only returns at the terminal velocity of the bullet. However, a bullet fired at an angle not perfectly vertical will retain its spin and ballistic stability on the way down and can attain much more lethal speeds. Several accidents have reportedly been caused by discharging firearms into the air; although the evidence in a few such cases has been disputed, a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found 43 likely cases of injury from falling bullets during 2004 New Year in Puerto Rico. It is also possible that the muzzle will inadvertently be pointed at a non-target such as someone's head or an aircraft.where the firearm is being handled indoors, up and down may not be safe directions. For example, a bullet fired upward or downward may travel through the ceiling, floor and plenum between adjacent floors of a multi-story building. In indoor areas where firearms will be handled often, a suitably safe direction should be designated. Firing ranges often designate a direction in which it is safe to point a firearm; almost universally this is downrange into a backstop which is designed to contain bullets and eliminate potential ricochets. In armories or other areas where weapons must be handled, a container filled with sand known as a "clearing barrel" or "clearing can" is often used for this purpose; bullets unintentionally discharged into the barrel will be safely stopped and contained by the sand.(squibs). A misfire is when the cartridge does not fire after it is struck by the firing pin. A hangfire is when the firing pin strikes the cartridge, but there is a delay of some seconds before the cartridge finally fires. A squib is when an underpowered round is fired, perhaps with an insufficient amount of powder in the case, and the bullet lodges in the bore. If the firearm is fired again, the barrel can peel back, severely damaging the weapon and injuring the shooter.the shooter should wait for a period of time, commonly recommended between 25 seconds, up to two minutes, with the firearm pointed in a safe direction, then carefully remove the magazine, extract any mis-fed or misfired cartridge



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Find your next home using us..

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weet potatoes are locally known as ubi jalar (lit: spreading tuber) and are frequently fried with batter and served as snacks with spicy condiments, along with other kinds of fritters such as fried bananas, tempeh, tahu, breadfruits, or cassava. In the mountainous regions of West Papua, sweet potatoes are the staple food among the natives there. Using the bakar batu way of cooking ( translation: burning rocks), rocks that have been burned in a nearby bonfire arethrown into a pit lined with leaves. Layers of sweet potatoes, an assortment of vegetables, and pork are piled on top of the rocks. The top of the pile then is insulated with more leaves, creating a pressure of heat and steam inside which cooks all food within the pile after several hours.


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