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Create Your Own 3D Animation Easily
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An illusion is a distortion of the senses, revealing how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Though illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people.[1] Illusions may occur with any of the human senses, but visual illusions (optical illusions) are the best-known and understood. The emphasis on visual illusions occurs because vision often dominates the other senses. For example, individuals watching a ventriloquist will perceive the voice is coming from the dummy since they are able to see the dummy mouth the words.[2] Some illusions are based on general assumptions the brain makes during perception. These assumptions are made using organizational principles (e.g., Gestalt theory), an individual's capacity for depth perception and motion perception, and perceptual constancy. Other illusions occur because of biological sensory structures within the human body or conditions outside of the body within one’s physical environment.

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Learn about numerology - The numbers of life

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Numbers in Nature

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On Earth, temperatures usually range ±40 °C (100 °F to âˆ'40 °F) annually. The range of climates and latitudes across the planet can offer extremes of temperature outside this range. The coldest air temperature ever recorded on Earth is âˆ'89.2 °C (âˆ'128.6 °F), at Vostok Station, Antarctica on 21 July 1983. The hottest air temperature ever recorded was 57.7 °C (135.9 °F) at 'Aziziya, Libya, on 13 September 1922,[51] but that reading is queried. The highest recorded average annual temperature was 34.4 °C (93.9 °F) at Dallol, Ethiopia.[52] The coldest recorded average annual temperature was âˆ'55.1 °C (âˆ'67.2 °F) at Vostok Station, Antarctica.[53] The coldest average annual temperature in a permanently inhabited location is at Eureka, Nunavut, in Canada, where the annual average temperature is âˆ'19.7 °C (âˆ'3.5 °F).[54] Studying how the weather works on other planets has been seen as helpful in understanding how it works on Earth.[55] Weather on other planets follows many of the same physical principles as weather on Earth, but occurs on different scales and in atmospheres having different chemical composition. The Cassiniâ€"Huygens mission to Titan discovered clouds formed from methane or ethane which deposit rain composed of liquid methane and other organic compounds.[56] Earth's atmosphere includes six latitudinal circulation zones, three in each hemisphere.[57] In contrast, Jupiter's banded appearance shows many such zones,[58] Titan has a single jet stream near the 50th parallel north latitude,[59] and Venus has a single jet near the equator.[60] One of the most famous landmarks in the Solar System, Jupiter's Great Red Spot, is an anticyclonic storm known to have existed for at least 300 years.[61] On other gas giants, the lack of a surface allows the wind to reach enormous speeds: gusts of up to 600 metres per second (about 2,100 km/h or 1,300 mph) have been measured on the planet Neptune.[62] This has created a puzzle for planetary scientists. The weather is ultimately created by solar energy and the amount of energy received by Neptune is only about 1⁄900 of that received by Earth, yet the intensity of weather phenomena on Neptune is far greater than on Earth.[63] The strongest planetary winds discovered so far are on the extrasolar planet HD 189733 b, which is thought to have easterly winds moving at more than 9,600 kilometres per hour (6,000 mph).[64]


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Central obesity is associated with a statistically higher risk of heart disease, hypertension, insulin resistance, and Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 (see below).[6] With an increase in the waist to hip ratio and overall waist circumference the risk of death increases as well.[7] Metabolic syndrome is associated with abdominal obesity, blood lipid disorders, inflammation, insulin resistance, full-blown diabetes, and increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.[8][9][10][11] It is now generally believed that intra-abdominal fat is the depot that conveys the biggest health risk .
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Discover 30 "Age Reversing" Brain Training Tricks Of The 104 Year Old Professor

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Ten Warning Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or dementia.
1. Memory Loss That Affects Job Skills
It's normal to occasionally forget assignments, colleagues' names, or a business associate's telephone number and remember them later. Those with a dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, may forget things more often and not remember them later.

2. Difficulty Performing Familiar Tasks
Busy people can be so distracted from time to time that they may leave the carrots on the stove and only remember to serve them at the end of the meal. People with Alzheimer's disease could prepare a meal and not only forget to serve it but also forget they made it.

3. Problems with Language
Everyone has trouble finding the right word sometimes, but a person with Alzheimer's disease may forget simple words or substitute inappropriate words, making his or her sentence incomprehensible.

4. Disorientation of Time and Place
It's normal to forget the day of the week or your destination for a moment. But people with Alzheimer's disease can become lost on their own street, not knowing where they are, how they got there or how to get back home.

5. Poor or Impaired Judgment
People can become so immersed in an activity that they temporarily forget the child they're watching. People with Alzheimer's disease could forget entirely the child under their care. They also may dress inappropriately, wearing several shirts or blouses.

6. Problems with Abstract Thinking
Balancing a checkbook may be disconcerting when the task is more complicated than usual. Someone with Alzheimer's disease could forget completely what the numbers are and what needs to be done with them.

7. Misplacing Things
Anyone can temporarily misplace a wallet or keys. A person with Alzheimer's disease may put things in inappropriate places: an iron in the freezer, or a wristwatch in the sugar bowl.

8. Changes in Mood or Behavior
Everyone becomes sad or moody occasionally. Someone with Alzheimer's disease can exhibit rapid mood swings (from calm to tears to anger) for no apparent reason.

9. Changes in Personality
People's personalities ordinarily change somewhat with age. But a person with Alzheimer's disease can show drastic personality changes, becoming extremely confused, suspicious, or fearful.

10. Loss of Initiative
It's normal to tire of housework, business activities, or social obligations, but most people regain their initiative. The person with Alzheimer's disease may become very passive and require cues and prompting to become involved.

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the filmmaker Alejandro G. Inarritu was at a creative crossroads several years ago when he decided to make "Birdman," a story of a man on a similar journey. On Sunday, Inarritu reached the Hollywood promised land when his film proved the big winner at the Academy Awards. "Birdman," a visually inventive look at a washed-up movie actor seeking redemption on the Broadway stage, took best picture, director, cinematography and original screenplay prizes at the Dolby Theatre ceremony. The honors capped Inarritu's odyssey from arthouse outsider to film-world royalty, and also struck a national blow of sorts. Like last year's director winner Alfonso Cuaron and repeat cinematography victor Emmanuel "Chivo" Lubezki, Inarritu was born south of the border. "I want to dedicate this award for my fellow Mexicans, the ones who live in Mexico," Inarritu said after his film won best picture. "I pray that we can find and build a government that we deserve." And it works. The Bluetooth doctor Its ed "Scanadu Scout-- after Xanadu, an ancient city of great splendor and scientific progress, made famous by English poet S. T.
Of Mexican immigrants in the U.S., he added, "I pray that they can be treated with the same dignity and respect as the ones who came before and built this incredible immigrant nation." Presided over by Neil Patrick Harris and possessing a frequent political charge, the 87th Oscars saw Academy voters spread the love. Each of the seven movies that lost best picture received at least one award, led by Wes Anderson's offbeat "The Grand Budapest Hotel's" four wins, all in technical categories. Damien Chazelle's music-school drama "Whiplash" scored three statuettes, including supporting actor for J.K. Simmons as a hard-driving teacher and the prestigious editing prize, an upset over "Boyhood." Indeed, the Richard Linklater coming-of-age drama that was a front-runner for much of the season came away with only one prize, for Patricia Arquette's supporting actress role as a quietly strong mother. Shot over 12 years, the movie was a smash emerging from last year's Sundance Film Festival and won many critics prizes at the end of 2014, but recently lost momentum.
The night moved along with few surprises until about halfway through, when "Big Hero 6" staged an upset over favorite "How To Train Your Dragon 2" in the animated feature category, proving the durability of movies from Disney-Pixar. The win was the studio's seventh in the last eight years. Acting categories largely followed pundits' forecasts. Actress honors went to Julianne Moore for her role as an Alzheimer's-afflicted patient in "Still Alice," a widely predicted result, as were Simmons and Arquette. The lead actor prize for Eddie Redmayne as physicist Stephen Hawking in "The Theory of Everything" was also an expected turn. Like other recent best picture winners such as "The Artist," "Birdman" focuses on show business personalities, while its stylized world existed far from the modern political arena. While the more topical films were largely shut out of the podium � Clint Eastwood's Iraq war smash "American Sniper" and Ava DuVernay's Civil Rights tale "Selma" landed only one award apiece � social issues dominated the evening. The musicians Common and John Legend, receiving the "Selma" prize for the original song "Glory," made the most of their moment. At a House Democratic retreat in Philadelphia late last month, Biden urged Democrats to ?double down? on the president and embrace him. On Thursday in Iowa, which holds the first caucus of the presidential nominating process, Biden said the stakes are high heading into 2016, as the policies laid out by Republican and Democratic presidential candidates will determine whether the middle class will reclaim its place in America or not. Republican ?trickle-down? policies will help those who are already comfortable and keep the middle class from growing, Biden said.
"This bridge was once a landmark of a divided nation, but now it's a symbol for change," Common said of the famed Edmund Pettus crossing in Selma, Ala., which is the film's emotional center. "The sprit of this bridge connects the kid from the South Side of Chicago dreaming of a better life to those in France standing up for their freedom of expression to the people in Hong Kong protesting for democracy." Meanwhile, speaking after her Edward Snowden film "Citizenfour" won the prize for documentary, director Laura Poitras noted that Snowden and the movie sought to "expose a threat [not only] to our privacy but to our democracy itself," as she was flanked by investigative reporter and film subject Glenn Greenwald, as well as Snowden's girlfriend, Lindsay Mills. And Arquette, who had shown few political stripes in her numerous acceptance speeches this season, noted the importance of "ecological sanitation the developing world" before finishing with a flourish: "To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation we have fought for everybody else's equal rights," she said. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all and equal rights for women in the United States of America." The speech prompted a rousing response from the audience, including Meryl Streep, who was seen nearly jumping from her seat pointing in spirited agreement. ? Chahrour described her fellow student as having a ?bubbly personality? and someone who frequently went out in Raleigh to feed the less. Chahrour said the Muslim-American community is on edge at the school. ?It could have been any one of us.
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Fidlers Run (also known as Fiddlers Run, Fidler Run, or Fidlers Creek) is a tributary of the Susquehanna River in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is approximately 3.1 miles (5.0 km) long and flows through Jackson Township and Lower Mahanoy Township.[1] The watershed of the stream has an area of 6.88 square miles (17.8 km2). The stream is not designated as an impaired waterbody, although a reaches of a few of its unnamed tributaries are. It is a small stream, with a width of 3 to 5 feet (0.91 to 1.52 m). Large areas of agricultural land occur along a substantial portion of its length. In the early 1900s, a reservoir in the watershed of Fidlers Run was used as a water supply for Herndon. A number of bridges have been constructed over the stream. The stream''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s drainage basin is designated as a Warmwater Fishery and a Migratory Fishery. However, there is little opportunity for trout fishing. Fidlers Run begins in a valley in Jackson Township. It flows west through the valley alongside Pennsylvania Route 225 for several tenths of a mile before turning west-southwest for a few tenths of a mile, receiving an unnamed tributary from the right. The stream then turns northwest for a short distance, receiving an unnamed tributary from the right and one from the left. It then flows west-northwest along the border between Jackson Township and Lower Mahanoy Township, near Pennsylvania Route 147. After several tenths of a mile, the stream crosses Pennsylvania Route 147, receives another unnamed tributary from the left, and turns northwest for several tenths of a mile before fully reentering Jackson Township. A few tenths of a mile further downstream, it reaches the end of its valley and turns north-northwest for a few tenths of a mile before reaching its confluence with the Susquehanna River.[1] Fidlers Run joins the Susquehanna River 112.24 miles (180.63 km) upriver of its mouth.[2] Fidlers Run is not designated as an impaired waterbody.[4] Some of its unnamed tributaries are not designated as impaired waterbodies. However, reaches of some of the stream''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s unnamed tributaries are in fact designated as impaired, due to siltation from agriculture and grazing-related agriculture.[5] At the downstream limit of the stretch of Fidlers Run that is on the border of Lower Mahanoy Township, the stream''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s peak annual discharge has a 10 percent chance of reaching 1,130 cubic feet per second (32 m3/s). It has a 2 percent chance of reaching 1,890 cubic feet per second (54 m3/s) and a 1 percent chance of reaching 2,200 cubic feet per second (62 m3/s). The peak annual discharge has a 0.2 percent chance of reaching 2,920 cubic feet per second (83 m3/s).[6] In June 1993, the instantaneous discharge of the stream was once measured to be 2.7 cubic feet per second (0.076 m3/s).[7] In June 1993, the water temperature of Fidlers Run at its mouth was once measured to be 19.0 °C (66.2 °F), while the air temperature was 22.0 °C (71.6 °F).[7] The water temperatures can reach above 75 °F (24 °C) at times.[8] The specific conductance was 560 micro-siemens per centimeter at 25 °C (77 °F).[7] In one measurement in June 1993, the pH of Fidlers Run at its mouth was found to be 8.2. The concentration of dissolved oxygen was 8.8 milligrams per liter (0.0088 oz/cu ft) and the carbon dioxide concentration was 1.5 milligrams per liter (0.0015 oz/cu ft). No carbonate was observed in the stream''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s filtered water, but 150 milligrams per liter (0.15 oz/cu ft) of bicarbonate was observed. The concentration of atrazine in the creek''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s unfiltered water was measured to be 300 nanograms per liter (3.0×10-7 oz/cu ft)[7] A National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit allowing a facility in Lower Mahanoy Township known as Former Hut Restaurant STP to discharge sewage into Fidlers Run at a point 1.58 miles (2.54 km) upstream of its mouth was issued; it will be effective from April 2015 to March 2020.[9]

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When This Muscle Is Healthy We Are Healthy

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Tight Hipsare Holding You Back

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The hip joint is reinforced by four ligaments, of which three are extracapsular ev and one intracapsular.The extracapsular ligaments are the iliofemoral, ischiofemoral, and pubofemoral ligaments attached to the bones of t vhe pelvis (the ilium, oev ischium, and pubis respectively). All three strengthen the capsule and prevent an excessive r ioev ange of movement in the joint. Of these, the Y-shaped and twisted iliofemoral ligament is the strongest ligament in the human body. In the upright position, coral /[m5]plano /ensino /Royal /account /tuan /Obituaries /ggf /TI /Benjaminshuttled /alpha /folders /ties synthetic /Colette /directv /may /footerlink /subtitulo /cosas /wankel /modelsHTTPS /anschauen /off /wick /martin /daddy /que /potshots excess /functon /jsp /advertising /thessaloniki /lates /bottom /amountpotshots /Have /iadb /produce /vio /phoenix /notables /rain /smash /textures /jag silence /www /scrolls /sas /au /buy /antworte /adoring /emailcoat /8 uioev 00 /ending /suffers /leibenluft /ices /disbanded /Presente /enfant /cover vende /trash /abook /prochainreceived /documentarys /directv /paddingsecretaris /theoretically /borromeo /digitalguidelands /Maru /ralph /Entrepreneurs /short /2009 /regarding /headphone /buzzsavvier /au /tougher /inflatable /GRANTED /bouncers /malas /hurdlespictos /pancrase /position /astonishing /deposits /disbanded /Achat /webblthem /manufacturedit prevents the trunk from falling v backward without the need for muscular activity. In the sitting position, it becomes relaxed, thus permitting the pelvis to tilt backw oev ard into its sitting position. The iliofemoral ligament prevents excessive adduction and internal rotation of the hip. The ischiofemoral liga ioev ment pre[m5]vents medial (internal) rotation wh evile the pubofemoral ligament restricts abduction and internal rotation of the hip joint. The zona orbicularis, which lies like va collar around the most narrow part of the femoral neck, is covered by the other ligaments which partly radiate into ioev it. The zona orbicularis acts like a buttonhole on the femoral head and assists in maintaining the contact in the joint. All three ligaments become taut when the joint i oev s extended - this stabilises the joint, and reduces the e evnergy demand of muscles when standin


12,000 Shed Plans with Shed Blueprints, Diagrams & Woodworking Designs

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Apple Cider
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