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There's nothing you can do to stop the inevitable 3 AM smoke detector chirp (because batteries never get low on them at 4 PM, that wouldn't be disruptive enough), but this will keep you from doing the crazy dance from room to room trying to find exactly which one it is. We have smoke detectors relatively close together in my place so sometimes it's hard to figure out which one is chirping; plus, by changing the batteries in all of them you minimize the number of nights you are awoken by a low battery chirp! Wow! I didn't realize people felt so strongly about smoke detectors. I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not only advocating changing the batteries when a single alarm chirps. But if you're like me, even if you schedule a date every year you plan on changing all the batteries, you will STILL forget somehow. This is just a nice solution in that, instead of waiting for each battery to die in each individual detector, you only have the battery die in one detector before each one in your house gets a fresh battery. In my P.E. class, there is a obnoxiously moronic kid who is way too aggressive and competitive. He had made a girl cry after pushing her down on the ground and stepped on her hockey stick so that it flipped up and smacked her in the face. Playing dodge ball is a nightmare as he throws the ball so hard it whizzes past your face and hits an unfortunate classmate. He cheats a lot, is very arrogant, and often makes stupid remarks. Well, one day, I had enough of his childish antics. The teacher divided us up into four groups to play mini-games. As usual, in his group, he was throwing the ball too hard and too far, and one hit the back of my friend's head with a loud SMACK! I was surprised she didn't call out or anything. She slowly turned her head around and gave him an evil glare. Again and again, he threw his group's ball into our area. Finally, I picked it up and stared him down. An important thing to mention is I probably have the worst aim and hand-eye coordination in my class. Nonetheless, I was prepared to throw the ball back at him as he called for me to pass it over, holding his hands out. I looked at his big stomach, and decided that it was a big enough target for me to throw the ball at. I hurled the ball in that general direction, but alas, I missed. Missed the target I was aiming for, that is. The ball made unwanted contact with his sensitive private area. All throughout P.E. class, he howled as he clutched his balls.ersonal favorite for upper body posture : TRX row or TRX. Please google the form and make sure it's correct!


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