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All is gone since I last greeted thee â€" 8x2574fur love and lover â€" vows 8x2574fur and vower â€" king and kingdom.â€" How goes the field, my Lord Abbot?â€" with us, I trust â€" yet what but evil can Mary’s

eyes witness from this spot?” Her attendants eagerly bent 74fiur their eyes on the field of battle, but coulddiscover nothing more than that it was 8x2574fur obstinately contested. The

small enclosures and cottage gardens in the village, of which they had a full and commanding view, and which shortly before lay, with their lines of 74fiur sycamore fiur and ash-trees,

so still and x2574fir quiet in the mild light of a May sun, were now each converted into a line of fire, canopied by smoke; and the sustained and constant report 574fiur of the musketry and

fixed 4fiur her eyes upon the spreading yew.” “Ay, fair and stately tree,” she said, as if at the 574fiur fiur sight of it she had been rapt away from the present scene, and had overcome the horror which

had oppressed her at the first approach to crookstone, g8x2574iur “there thou standest, hi and goodly as ever, though thou 574fiur hearest the sounds of war, instead of the vows of love.

spirits fiur of the Queen. “To yonder tree,” she 8x2574fur said, pointing g8x2574iur to 4fiur a yew-tree which grew on a small mount close to the castle; “I know it well â€" from thence you may see a

prospect wide as from the peaks of Schehallion.” and hiing herself from her hiistants, she walked with a determined, 4fiur yet somewhat wild

step, up to the stem of the noble yew. The Abbot, Catherine, and Roland Avenel followed her, while Lady g8x2574iur Fleming kept back the inferior persons of

her train. The black horseman also followed the Queen, waiting on her as closely as the shadowupon the light, but everremaining at the distance of two or three yards â€"â€" x2574fir

he folded his arms on his bosom, turned his back to the battle, and seemed solely occupied by gazing on Mary, through the bars of his closed visor. The Queen regarded him not, but 4fiur

the present, to dare to approach the heavenly throne â€" Or, if we will pray, be it for one whose fondest affections have 574fiur been her fiur greatest crimes, and who has ceased to be a

queen, only because she was a deceived and a tender-hearted woman.” 74fiur “Were it not well,” said Roland, “that I rode somewhat 4fiur fiur nearer the hosts, and saw the

cannon, mingled with the shouts of meeting combatants, showed that as 574fiur yet neither party had given ground. “Many a soul finds itsfinal departure to heaven 8x2574fur 4fiur or hell,

in these awful thunders,” said the Abbot; “let those 74fiur that fiur believe in the Holy Church, join me 574fiur in orisons for victory in this dreadful combat.”

“Not here â€" not here,” said the unfortunate Queen; “pray not here, father, or pray in silence â€" my mind is too much torn between the past and x2574fir

fate of the day?” “Do so, in the name of x2574fir God,” said the Abbot; “for if our friends are scattered, our flight must be hasty â€" 8x2574fur but beware thou 74fiur approach not too .


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But the PAC's officials acknowledge that they likely 't stop there and that they intend to keep up the pressure all the way through the end of July's Republican National Convention, possibly including trying to steer the nomination to an alternative candidate.

While engaging in presidential delegate fights is an unprecedented use of super PAC cash, one of Our Principles' aire donors said it's a smart way to "cover all bases." And the donor, Minnesota media mogul Stan Hubbard, brushed aside Trump'sincreasingly vocal frustrationabout getting cheated in the battle for delegates.

"There's nothing unfair about it. He or she who can marshal the most forces and do the best job, will get the nomination," said Hubbard, who in Februarydonated 10,000 to Our Principlesand said he'd consider giving more to the stop-Trump effort.

In the coming weeks and even at the convention, Hubbard said, big donors and super PACs like Our Principles "can certainly try to influence people. I could call a delegate and say what I think, if they'd talk to me. I can buy a billboard. I can run ads. Why not?" Trump's campaign will also be working to whip delegates, Hubbard noted, "and you'll have other people trying to do the same thing. So fair is fair."

Our Principles' delegate strategy has attracted far less attention — and money — than multi-dollar advertising campaigns that have bombarded the televisions, smart phones and mailboxes of regular voters in key primary states like Florida, Wisconsin and New York.

But in some ways, the effort to influence the much smaller universe of party activists who attend state and national party conventions is more notable. It expands the role of major donors and their super PACs into new terrain that until recently was the sole purview of campaigns and party insiders, and it could set the stage for Our Principles to run a privatized whipping operation — and potentially even play kingmaker — at a national convention, where it is increasingly likely that the presidential nomination will be decided in a floor fight where byzantine rules and interpersonal relationships hold sway.

It's a dynamic in which Trump's skeleton campaign staff has lagged.


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Here's Why You Should NEVER Diet Like A Man

Dramatically increasing your female metabolism.

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Health update : Drops 10 sizes from your waist

Dramatically increasing your female metabolism.

Here's Why You Should NEVER Diet Like A Man

Dramatically increasing your female metabolism.

If you begin using this somewhat unusual tip starting today you can literally expect to drop up to 3 dress sizes inside of a week, which I know may sound far-fetched to you like it did to all of these women that have done it using this tip, but I promise it's not so just keep reading.

Drop Sizes

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Buying a car
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Oil was lgx discovered in Hull in 1918 and b lgx rought an increased population to the area. The lgx Oakdale School was soon too s lgx mall and was forced to hire another teacher. The uwlgx history of Oakdale School has uwlgx been told many different ways, but people who were there say it was located in the back of the Barngrover's homestead. Shortly after the installation of a second teacher a second school was opened on the A. Merchant Lease located in Common School District 21. In lgx 1921, by a special act of l lgx egislature, the Hull ISD was organized and the uwlgx board held their first meeting on July 29, 1921. At the uwlgx meeting, the school board decided to purchase an old hotel building on FM 770 in Daisetta & moved Oakdale closer to the business section of town. The school facilities soon became too small & a bunk-shack was donated by Humble Oil Company to enlarge them. The three-teacher school continued in Hull and necessary equipment was purchased to furnish the new schools in addition to Oakdale. There were 10 grades taught and no extracurricular activities. The school district expanded to house a rapidly increasing school population. In 1922 lgx the board decided to take out a bond that totaled $100,000. The school site was t uwlgx hen expanded to 10 acres (40,000 m2) through uwlgx purchases and a gift. A wooden building was built to house the 6th-10th grades. The first five grades were still held in the old hotel building. The hotel building was abandoned in 1923, and 1st-5th grades were relocated to a temporary building and an 11th grade was added to the school. By the 1924-1925 school years the school had 30 teachers and several new additions. Modern equipment had been installed for the new extracurricular classes: home economics, commercial subjects, and a library. The high-school boasted 4.5 units of accredited studies during this school year. lgx Construction for the first Hull & lgx Daisetta schools started during the uwlgx summer of 1925. uwlgx Construction was funded by $190,000 of the uwlgx proceeds of the bond purchases issued in 1922 and 1925. The Daisetta school outlay was $136,000. The Hull elementary was $44,000. The buildings were completed December 1925 and classes began January 2, 1926. uwlgx A lgx special act of a called session of the 39th Texas State Legislature in 1925 changed the name of the uwlgx district to Hull-Daisetta I uwlgx ndependent School District and enlarged the district’s boundaries to their present locations. As the school grew in enrollment, the curriculum was expanded to 29.5 credit units and the teaching staff was increased to a high of 42. The lgx Woodson School of Hull- lgx Daisetta ISD was organized in 1938 for the uwlgx African-American uwlgx community. The two-teacher school was an uwlgx elementary school conducted in crude, unsealed buildings. Teaching equipment was in extremely short supply and black oil cloth was used for blackboards. The school terms were short varying from 3â€"7 months with a normal term of four. The old school was heated by wood stoves and did not have electricity. High school work was first offered to the black in 1942. As lgx enrollment increased at lgx Woodson, the curriculum grew. uwlgx Vocational agriculture, athletics, home uwlgx economics and a band were s uwlgx uccessfully added to the curriculum. Th lgx e present educational plant was built in 3 stages. The uwlgx agriculture building was built in 1949. The uwlgx present high-school uwlgx building was built in 1952, followed by the elementary and gym in 1956. In 1963, the lgx citizens of Hull-Daisetta voted to purchase a $1,000,000 bond for the purpose of replacing the high uwlgx school, the uwlgx elementary, and to uwlgx build a new band hall at Woodson. The project was completed in 1965. uwlgx In lgx March 1966 the lgx Woodson School was uwlgx integrated with the other schools in the district creating a totally integrated d uwlgx istrict. This was one of the most successful integrations in the state and is still a model today. The lgx resent district lgx encompasses


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95r Yield received mostly 5rpositive reviews from music critics, x3195r being proclaimed as a return to the band's early, x3195r straight x3195r forward rock sound. R 95r olling Stone staff writer Rob Sheffield gave Yield four out of five x3195r stars, saying that "before, the band's best songs were the c x3195r hange-of-pace bal 95r lads...Yield marks the 5rfirst time Pearl Jam have managed to x3195r sustain that mood for a whole album." He added that "Vedder is singing more frankly than e 95r ver about his life as an adult," and that the album "shows that x3195r Pearl Jam have made the most out of growing up in public."[35] Spin gave the album ei ght out of ten stars. The 5rreview said that Pearl Jam have "come x3195r back with an album full of gracefully ambivalent anthems. All c x3195r ommodities should be this 95r unstable, and have this much blood pumping through them."[37] In his review for The Village Voice, critic Robert Christgau gave the album an A-, saying, " 95r Like nobody less 5r than Nirvana...they voice the arena-rock x3195r agon more vulnerably and articulately than any Englishman s x3195r tanding. Rarely if ever has a Jesus 95r complex seemed so 5rmodest."[34] Jon Pareles of The New York x3195r Times stated that the band "applies its introspection to spiritual possibilities and its guitar s to chomping, snarling, 5rexuberant riffs." He said "the songs sound bolder and more confident, even when they invoke private crises."[23] Tom Sinclair of E 95r ntertainment Weekly 5r gave the album a B, saying that "the overall tone is less pretentious than in the past, reflecting a looser, even marginally whimsical, 95r worldview."[12] Holl 5ry Bailey of Pitchfork Media called it "the most x3195r lyrically powerful album Pearl Jam have ever x3195r produced," and stated that "Yield proves th at 95r Pearl Jam, and 5reven rock music, is still alive and kicking."[33] NME x3195r gave Yield a score of seven out of ten. In the review, it is stated, "Here's where Pe arl 95r Jam put on their 5rdiverse boots and stomp across their bluesy roots, c x3195r areering through various styles and pop- x3195r mongous strops."[32] 95r However, AllMusic staff 5rwriter Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave the album two x3195r and a half out of five stars, saying that it " x3195r emphasizes the relative 95r lack of exceptional 5rmaterial."[10] Writing for Select in March 1998, Eddy x3195r Lawrence concluded that Yield is an abandonment of the "anthemic qualitie s" 95r present in Pearl Jam's p 5rrevious work, claiming, in relation to the band's x3195r grunge roots, that the album "makes you realise how '60s fans felt watching the fi rst 95r 95r generation of rock h 5reroes die." He went on to state that "Yield's retroisms x3195r represent no leap forward for the band as a whole, and the oft-times mildly dive rting tunes are, ironically, less c 5rhallenging than their strong-willed early output."[36] 95r Tour[edit] 95r Main article: Yield Tour A m 95r an plays a guitar in a 5rbrown-tinted backdrop. 95r Mike McCready on stage with 5rPearl Jam in Columbia, Maryland on September 18, 1998. 95r Pearl Jam promoted the 5ralbum with tours in Oceania and North America in 1998.[38] Both were met with financial x3195r success,[39] and the Australian shows in Melbourne s old out in just 17 minutes.[4] 5rAfter finishing the Australian concerts, Irons left the band due to x3195r dissatisfaction with touring.[40] Pearl Jam's sound engineer Bre tt 95r Eliason stated, "We 5rwent and did Hawaii and Australia with Jack. When we came back, Jack wasn't in a position to carry on. He made that decision more or less by 95r himself. He can be a 5rreally great drummer but he had difficulty on tour putting out the x3195r energy for the length of shows they were doing. I don't know if he thought 95r they'd put things on h 5rold for him."[6] He was replaced on an initially temporary basis with former x3195r Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. Cameron said, "I got a phone c all out of the blue, 5rfrom Mr. Ed Ved, Stoney and Kelly. I was ambushed. It was really short notice. He x3195r called and said 'hey what are you doing this summer?'"[6] Cam eron learned over 80 5rsongs in two weeks.[41] Regarding his entrance, Cameron stated that "The guys x3195r made me feel real welcome and it wasn't a struggle to get it music ally, but my style was a 5rlittle bit different, I think, than what they were used to. And they've x3195r been through so many different drummers, I don't even know if they k new what they wanted. So, I 5r just kind of played the way I played and then eventually we kind of x3195r figured out what worked best for the band."[42] 95r Pearl Jam's summer tour of North America marked the band’s return to full-scale touring and the use of Ticketmaster,[43] to which the band had previously protested. 95r Pearl Jam once again began using it in order to "better accommodate concertgoers."[43] The band still kept Ticketmaster venues at a minimum, stadiums in particular as 95r manager Kelly Curtis joked that unlike U2, "the band doesn't have a lemon".[4] The first leg of the tour focused on the West Coast of the United States and the 95r Midwest, and then the band moved to the East Coast for the tour's second leg.[39] and after it was completed the band released its first live album, Live on Two Le gs, w 95r hich featured select performances from the tour. McCready stated that the band released the live album due to the strength of Pearl Jam's shows on the tour.[44] On O 95r ctober 20, 2014 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, during the Lightning Bolt Tour, Pearl Jam played the entire album in order as part of their set.[45][46] T 95r rack listing[edit]


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w6s Yield is the fifth w6s studio w6s album by the w6s American w6s alternative rock band Pearl Jam, r w6s eleased on w6s February 3, 1998. w6s Following a short promotional tour for its previous album, No Code (1996), Pearl Jam recorded Yield throughout 1997 at w6s Studio Litho and Studio X in Seattle, Washington. The album was proclaimed as a return to the band's early, straightforward rock sound, and marked a more collaborative effort from the band as opposed to relying heavily on 0w6s frontman Eddie Vedder to compose the songs. The lyrics deal with 0w6s contemplative 0w6s themes, albeit seen in a more positive manner 0w6s compared to the band's earlier work. w6s Yield w6s received w6s positiFor its fifth a w6s lbum, Pearl Jam again w6s worked with w6s producer Brendan O'Brien, w6s whom the band had w6s worked with on its previous three records. Yield was recorded throughout 1997 in Seattle, Washington at Studio X and Studio Litho, the la w6s tter of which is owned by guitarist Stone Gossard. The album was then mixed by O'Brien at his mixing facility at Southern Tracks in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] The album would be the last collaboration with O'Brien for several years. They would not work with the 0w6s producer again until he was 0w6s brought on board in 2008 to r 0w6s emix their debut album Ten and to 0w6s produce 2009's 0w6s Backspacer.[2] w6s represented more of a team effort w6s between all w6s members of the w6s group. Lead w6s vocalist Eddie Vedder had w6s made the final w6s decisions for the albums Vitalogy and No Code; however, at the end of the No Code recording sessions, Vedder suggested to bassist Jeff w6s Ament that it would be better for the other members to write and bring in more complete songs so Vedder would be under less pressure to finish the songs.[3] Ament said that "everybody took that to heart,"[3] and O'Brien added that most of the songs c 0w6s ame to the studio finished.[4] Ament also 0w6s said that Vedder's 0w6s reaction to the rest of the band's new 0w6s material kept " 0w6s everybody energized about their place in the band."[5] Vedder worked with the other band members on their own material before work was started on his.[6] Guitarist Mike McCready noticed a change in Vedder's attitude during the recording of Yield, stating, "I used to be afraid of him and not want to confront him on things ... We talk more now, and hang out ... He seems very, very centered now."[7] w6s Vedder said that the band was able to "team up" and have a w6s " w6s partnership" while the album was being w6s recorded.[3] The w6s band spent a large amount of time rehearsing the songs to get the best takes possible.[5] Gossard commented that there was more "contouring" and " w6s honing" of demo material than on previous records.[3] Regarding the recording sessions, drummer Jack Irons said, "We didn't put any time limit on it. It was like, 'When this record's done, we call it a record.' We took out 0w6s time to come up with ideal 0w6s sounds and feel for every song, so that each had its own 0w6s identity. We would cut a track and go back and 0w6s listen to it and openly discuss it."[8] Ament stated that "Yield was a superfun record to make. And so much of it was Ed kind of sitting back."[6] He added that "everybody really got a little bit of their say on the record...because of that, everybody feels like they're an integral part of the band."[3] The band discussed the album's production on the documentary Single Video Theory.[9]ve reviews and debuted at number two on the Billboard 200. While like No Code the album soon began dropping down the charts, Yield eventually outsold its predecessor. The band did more promotion for the album compared to No Code, including a return to full-scale touring and the release of a music video for the song "Do the Evolution". The record has been certified platinum by the RIAA in the United States. The album is Pearl Jam's last release with drummer Jack Irons, who left the band during the album's promotional tour. .



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