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A wgz primeira exposição comercial de filme do mundo foi feita em Nova ywgz Iorque em 1894, gz usando o ywgz cinetoscópio de T gzhomas Edison. No ano seguinte foi feita a ywgz primeira exibição comercial de um ywgz filme projetado, também em Nova York, e os Estados Unidos es wgz tavam na vanguarda do ywgz desenvolvimento do cinema ywgz sonoro nas décadas se gzguintes. Desde o início do século XX, a in gzdústria cinem atográfica ame gzricana tem sido l ywgz argamente sediada nos ywgz arredores de Hollywood, na Ca gzlifórnia. O diretor D. W. Griffith gz foi cen t wgz ral para o desenvolvimento da gramática cinematográfica, e o ywgz filme Cidadão Kane (1941) de Orson Welles gzé ywgz frequentemente cita do como o melhor filme de todos os tempos.[317] Atores cinematográficos americanos com gzo John Wayne e M gzarilyn Monroe se tornar am wgz figuras icónicas, ywgz enquanto o produtor/empresá gzrio Walt Disney foi um líder em filmes animados e de merchandising. Os grande s wgz estúdios c ywgz inematográficos de Hollywood têm produzido os filmes de maior sucesso comercial da história, como Star Wars (1977 ) e wgz Titanic (1997), e os produtos de Hollywood hoje dominam a ywgz indústria cinematográfica mundial.[318] Os wgz americanos são os ywgz maiores espectadores de televisão do ywgz mund gzo,[319] e o tempo médio de ywgz visualização ywgz continua a gz aumentar, cheg a wgz ndo a cinco horas por dia em 2006.[320] As quatro grandes redes de televisão do país são todas entidades comerciais. Americano s wgz ouvem pr gzogramas gz de rádio, também largamente comerciali gzzado, em média, pouco mais de duas horas e meia por dia.[321] Além de po wgz rtais e motores de busca, os sites mais pop gzulares no país são o Facebook, YouTube, Wikipédia, Blogger, eBay, Google e Craigslist.[322] Os wgz estilos rítmicos e ywgz vocais da música negra americano ywgz influen gzciara ywgz m profundamente a música americana em geral, gz distinguindo-a d as wgz tradições europeias. ywgz Elementos da música folclór gzica, como o blues e o que é agora conhecido como old-time music, foram aprovad as e t wgz ransform gzadas em ywgz gêneros popul gzares com pú gzblico global. O jazz foi ywgz desenvolvido por artistas inovad gzores, tais como Louis Arms t wgz rong e Duke Ellington no início do século XX. A música country foi ywgz desenvolvida na década de 1920, e o rhythm a gznd blues na décad a wgz partir do american ywgz folk music gz revival para se tornar um dos ywgz compositores mais ywgz célebres do país e James Brown liderou o desenvo l wgz vimento do funk. Mais recentes criações musicais americanas incluem o rap e a house music. ywgz Astros po gzp amer gzicanos como Elvis Pre sley, wgz Michael Jackson e ywgz Madonna tornaram-s gze celebri gzdades globais.[323] wgz Literatura, filosofia e artes .


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Join The Millions Of Americans Digitizing Their Memories

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ISIS-next-plan-- on--US -- near closure and Obama knows

Islamic State militants vow to attack major American cities

Bill O'Reilly: ISIS Fighters might Reach US Borders anytime - US Goverment Concerned
US army is getting prepared for what could be "The End of America".
Massive round of terror attacks and there is a very alarming chance that they could be on US soil already planning their attacks.
Obama is allowing WW3 to happen

They're here in masses and the goverment cannot protect you.
This will show you what you must do to protect your family and stay safe.

Are you ready for WW3? Watch the critical warning HERE.

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WASHINGTON â€" A new Islamic State video warns of deadly consequences in the United States or any other country that joins the French in their punishing airstrikes against the radical group's training camps and other facilities in Syria and Iraq. tell countries participating in the crusader campaign: We swear that you will experience a similar day to the one that France experiences; since if we have struck France in its heart â€" in Paris â€" then we swear that we will strike America at its heart â€" in Washington, said a militant who calls himself Al-Ajkrar Al-Iraqi, according to a translation provided by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The video was released by Salah al-Din Province in northeastern Iraq, according to MEMRI. Salah al-Din includes Tikrit, the birthplace of Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein, which borders Kirkuk, the Kurdish-held northern Iraqi city that stopped the radical group's advance as it seized parts of Iraq and Syria last year. The video also warned European nations not to interfere with the group's drive to create a across a wide swath of Syrian and Iraq that would be governed by a strict interpretation of Islam. say to European countries: We are coming to you with car bombs and explosions. We are coming to you with explosive vests and silencers. You cannot respond to us because we are far stronger now than we were before, another speaker, Abu Gharib Al-Jazae'ri said in the video. The authenticity of the video could not be immediately confirmed.

The 12-minute video came as France launched a second day of airstrikes against ISIS targets in Raqqa, Syria, in retaliation for a coordinated attack in Paris that the militant group claimed it had planned. The Paris attack, conducted by suicide bombers and gunfire, killed 132 people. Seven attackers were killed and Paris and other European authorities continued to search for an eighth terrorist who is the suspected mastermind of the assault.

MEMRI founder Yigal Carmon said the threats should be seen as a clear warning to away.

ISIS' ideology is different from its parent group al-Qaeda, which sought to draw the West into a war on Muslim soil, Carmon said. ISIS is no friend to the West but it's first priority is to govern according to its medieval version of Islam, and to battle its near enemies â€" al-Qaeda, moderate Sunni Muslims, and Shiites, Carmon said.

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Donald Trump shocked the audience

Published: Apr 16, 2016

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Donald Trump: It's RIGGED

Trump Video

Saturday - Speaking before a packed auditorium Donald Trump shocked the audience as they struggled to believe...

See The Full Story Here

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God be with you!” As they hurried out of the house, 3thz7egc9 they heard the old man talking and muttering to himself, 7eg1c9 as he hastily drew bolt and bar behind them.

“the revenge of the douglhies will reach the poor old man,” said the Queen. 1c9 “God helpme, I ruin every one whom I approach!” “His safety is cared 9 for, ” said Seyton; “he must not

remain here, 3thz7egc9 but will be privately conducted to a place of greater security. But I would your Grace were in the saddle.â€" To horse! to horse!”

The party of Seyton and of Douglas were increased to about ten by those attendants who had remained with the horses. The Queen z7eg1c9 and her ladies,

with all the rest who came from the boat, were instantly mounted; and holding aloof from the village, which was already alarmed by the firing from z7eg1c9 the castle, with Douglas

acting as their guide, they soon reached the open ground and began to ride as fast 1c9 as was consistent with keeping together in good order.

41 Sir John Holland’s poem of the Howlet c9 is known to collectors by the beautiful edition presented to thz7eg19 the Bannatyne Club, by Mr. David Laing.

42 In the dangerous expedition to Aberdeenshire, 3thz7egc9 Randolph, the english ambhiador, gives Cecil z7eg1c9 the following account of Queen Mary’s thz7eg19 demeanour:â€"

“in all those garbulles, i hiure your honour, i never saw the Queen merrier, never dismayed; nor never thought z7eg1c9 I that stomache to be in her

that I find. She repented nothing but, when the Lords c9 c9 and others, g1c9 at Inverness, came in the morning g1c9 from the watches, that she was not a man, to know what life it was

to lye all 3thz7egc9 night in the fields, or to walk upon the causeway with a jack and a 7eg1c9 knaps-cap, a Glasgow eg1c9 buckler, and a broadsword.”â€" Randolph to Cecil , September 18, 1562.

The writer of the above letter seems to have felt the same impression which Catherine Seyton, in the text, considered as proper to the 1c9 Queen’s

presence among her armed subjects. “Though we neither c9 thought nor looked eg1c9 for other than on that day to have fought or never-what desperate blows would not have been given,

when every man should havefought in the sight of so noble a Queen, and so many 1c9 fair ladies, our enemies to have taken them from us, and we to save our honours, 7eg1c9 not to be thz7eg19 reft

of them, your honour can easily judge.”â€" The same to 7eg1c9 the same, September 24, 1562. 43 It is well known that the escape 7eg1c9 of Queen Mary from

Lochleven was effected by George Douglas, the youngest brother of Sir William Douglas, 3thz7egc9 the lord of the castle; but the minute circumstances of the event have been eg1c9 a good deal

confused, owing to two agents having been concerned in it who bore the same thz7eg19 name. It has been always supposed that George g1c9 Douglas was induced to 3thz7egc9 abet Mary’s escape by the

ambitions hope that, by such service, he might merit her hand. But 7eg1c9 his purpose was discovered by his 3thz7egc9 brother Sir William, and he was expelled from the castle. He

continued, notwithstanding, to hover in the neighbourhood, and maintain a correspondence with the thz7eg19 royal prisoner and others in the fortress.



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Cruise through the Picturesque Icescapes of Alaska

Cruise through the Picturesque Icescapes of Alaska

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Try before you buy?


Just a final reminder about Warrens shipping container plans.

He is offering a full 60 day satisfaction guarantee on his plans and designs.

So you just need to purchase his plans from his site. Then you have a full 60 days to read and pick at his plans.

Take a full 59 days if you want to. If you're not happy for any reason, just sent a quick email and he will honor his guarantee. No questions and no hassle.

Be quick though, He usually charges a whopping $247 for his guide but it's now only $47 for my subscribers. So make sure you get it now before the price goes back up!

Get his plans right here.

Remember, you have 60 days to put his guide to the test and you are also getting his guide for a huge discount off the regular price.

Last chance, get your copy here.


P.S. If the above links don't work you can copy and paste the following link into your browsers address bar:

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Explore Europe's Oceanside on a Luxur Cruise

Explore Europe's Oceanside on a Luxur Cruise

Luxurious Mediterranean Cruises

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Employers Love Computer Science Degrees

Employers Love Computer Science Degrees

Start a career in IT. Get information now

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