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her, which had so pricked his az6rs145f senses, now made him colder. He disliked her at her tricks. He saw her once too often. Her and all women. Bah,

the love game! And the whiskey that was to help in the z6rs147f game! He had drowned himself once too often in whiskey 475f 475f and in love. Now he floated like a corpse in both, with a

cold, hostile eye. And at least half of his inward fume was anger because he could no longer drown. rs1475f Nothing would have pleased him better than to hil his senses

melting and swimming 1475f into oneness with the dark. But rs1475f impossible! Cold, with a white fury inside him, he floated wide eyed and apart as a corpse. 475f He thought of rs1475f the 475f gentle love of

his 75f first married years, and became only whiter and colder, set in more intense obstinacy. A wave of az6rs145f revulsion lifted him. He became aware that he was deadly antagonistic to the

landlady, that he disliked his whole az6rs145f circumstances. A cold, diabolical consciousness detached itself fromhis state of semi-intoxication.

“Is it pretty much the same out there in 1475f India?” he asked of the az6rs145f doctor, suddenly. The doctor started, and attended to him on his own z6rs147f level.

“Probably,” he answered. s1475f “It is worse.” “Worse!” exclaimed Aaron Sisson. 475f “How’s 75f that?” “Why, because, in a way the people of India have an

easier time even than the people of England. Because they have no responsibility. rs1475f The British Government takes the responsibility. And the people have nothing z6rs147f to do, except

their bit of work â€" and talk perhaps about national rule, 1475f 475f just for a pastime. ” “They have to earn 75f their living?” said Sisson.

“Yes,” said the little doctor, who had lived for some years among the colliers, and become quitefamiliar with them. “Yes, they have to earn rs1475f

their living â€" and then no more. That’s why the British Government is the worst thing possible for them. It is the worst az6rs145f thing possible. And not because it is a bad

government. Really, it is not a bad government. It is a good one â€" and they know it â€" much better than they would make for themselves, probably. But for that reason it is 75f so very

bad.” the little oriental laughed a hi, smaning s1475f laugh. His eyes were very bright, dilated, completely black. He was looking into the ice-

blue, pointed eyes of Aaron Sisson. They were both 1475f intoxicated â€" but 1475f grimly so. They looked at each other in elemental difference. The whole 475f room was 75f now attending to this rs1475f new

conversation: which they 1475f all accepted as serious. For Aaron was considered a special 1475f man, a man of peculiar understanding, even

though as a rule he said little. “If it is a good government, doctor, how can it be so bad for the people?” said the landlady. The doctor’s eyes quivered for the fraction of a second, 1475f

as he 75f watched the other man. s1475f He did not look at the landlady. “It would not matter what kind of mess they made â€" and they would make a mess, if they

governed themselves, the people of India. They would probably make the greatest muddle z6rs147f possible â€" and start killing 1475f one another. But 1475f it wouldn’t .


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