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e wjam the a wjam parent success, Downey claims that his jam performance on the series was overrat wjam ed and said, "It was my lowest point in term jam s of ad jam dictions. At that stag e, I didn't give a fuck whether I ever acted again."[17] In J jam anuary 2001, Downey was scheduled to play the role of Hamlet in a Los An wjam geles stage production d e wjam cted by Mel Gibson.[42] Before the end of his first season on Ally McBeal, over the Thanksgiving 2000 holiday, Downey was arrested when his room at Merv Griffin's Hotel and Givenchy S wjam pa in Palm Springs, California was searched by the police, who were responding to an ano wjam nymous 911 call. jam Downey was under the infl jam uence of a controlled subst a wjam nce and in posses wjam sion of cocaine and Valium.[43][44] Despite the fact that, if convicted, wjam he could face a prison sentence of up to wjam four years and eight months , he signed on to appear in at least eight mor wjam e Ally McBeal episodes.[45] wjam April 2001, while he was on parole, a Los Angeles police off wjam icer found him wandering barefoot in Culver City, just outside Los Angeles. He was arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs, but was released a few hours later,[46] even though tests showed he had cocaine in his sys jam tem.[47] After this las wjam t arrest, producer David E. Kelley and other Ally McBeal executives ordered last-minute rewrites and reshoots and jam dismissed Downey from the show, despite th e f wjam act that Downey's character had resuscitated Ally McBeal's wjam ratings.[48] The Culver City wjam arrest also cost him a role in the high-profile film America's Sweet hearts,[47] and the subsequent incarceration forced Mel Gibson to shut down his planned stage production of Hamlet, as well. jam e-year probation, benefiting from the Cali fo wjam rnia Proposition 36, which had been passed the year bef wjam ore with the wjam aim of help wjam ing nonviolent drug offenders overc jam ome their addictions instead of sending them to jail.[8][49] wjam The book Conversation wjam s with Woody Allen reports that director Woody Allen wanted to cast Downey and Winona Ryder in his film Melinda and Melinda in 2005, but was unable to do so wjam because he could not get insurance on them, stating, "We couldn't get bonded. jam The compl jam etion bonding companies would not bo wjam nd the picture unless we could insure them. We were heartbroken becaus jam e I had worked with Winona before [on Celebrity] and thought she was perfect fo r wjam this and wanted to work w wjam ith her again. And I had always wanted to work with jam Bob Downey and always thought he was a huge talent."[50] wjam In a December 18, 2000 article for People Magazine entitled "Bad to Worse", Downey's stepmother Rosemary told author Alex Tresnlowski that Downey had wjam been diagnosed with bipolar disorder "a few years ago" and added that his bipolar jam disorder was "the reason he has a hard time staying sober. What has wjam n't been tried is medication wjam and intensive psychotherapy."[51] In the same article, Dr. Manijeh Ni jam kakhtar, a Los jam Angeles psychiatrist and co-author of Addiction or Self-Medication: The Tru wjam th (ISBN 978-1883819576), says she received a letter fr jam om Downey in 1999, during his time at Corcoran II, asking wjam for advice on his condition. She dis wjam covered that "no one had done a comple jam te [psychiatric] evaluation [on him]...I asked him flat out if he thought he wjam was bipolar, and he said, 'Oh yeah. There are times I spend a lot of money and I'm hyperactive, and there are other times I'm down.'"[51] In an article for the March 2007 issue of Esquire, Downe wjam y told author Scott Raab that he wanted to address "this whole thing about the bipolar" after receiving a phone call from "the Bipolar Association" asking him about being bipolar. When Downey denied he had ever said he was bipolar, the caller quoted the People article , wjam to which Downey replied, "'No! Dr. wjam Malibusian said [I said I was bipolar]...', and they go, 'Well, it's been written, so we're going to quote it.'"[52] Do wney flatly denied being "depressed or manic wjam " and that previous attempts to diagnose him with any ki jam nd of psychiatric or mood disorder have always been skewe d wjam because "the guy I was seeing didn't know I was smokin' crac jam k in his bathro jam om. You can't make a diagnosis until somebody's sober."[52] wjam Career comeback (2001รข€"2008)After five years of substance abuse, arrests, rehab, and relapse, Downey was finally ready to work toward a full recovery from drug s wjam and a return to his career. In discussing h wjam is failed attempts to control his own addictive behavior in the past, Downey told Oprah Winfrey in November 2004 t h wjam at "when someone says, 'I really wonder if maybe I sh wjam ould go to rehab?' Well, uh, you're a wreck, you just lost your job, and your wife left you. Uh, you migh t want to give it a shot."[53] He added that after wjam his las jam t arrest in April 2001, when he knew he would likel jam y be facin jam g another stint in prison or another form o wjam f incarceration such as court-ordered rehab, "I said, 'You know what? I d jam on't think jam can continue doing this.' And I reached out for help, and I ran with it . wjam You can reach out for help in kind of a half-assed way and you'll get it and you won't take advantage of it. It's not that difficult to overcome these seemin g wjam ly ghastly problems...what's hard is to decide to do it."[53] [ wjam [m4]]Downey got his first post-rehab acting job in August 2001, lip-syncing in the video for Elton John's single "I Want Love".[5 jam 4] Video director Sam Taylor-Wood s hot 16 takes of the video and used the last one because, according to John, Downey looked completely relaxed, and, "The way he underplays it is fantastic."[55] jam jam wjam Downey was able to return to the big screen only after Mel Gibson, who had been a close friend to Downey since both had co-starred in Air America, paid Downey's i n wjam surance bond for the 2003 film The Singing Detective.[56] Gibson's gamble paved the way for Downey's comeback and D jam owney returne jam d to mainstream films in the mid- 2 wjam 000s with Gothika, for which producer Jo wjam el Silver wjam withheld 40 p jam ercent of his salary until after production wrapped as insur jam ance against his addictive behavior. S wjam imilar clauses have become standard in his contracts since then.[57] Aft jam er Gothika, Downey was cast in a number of leading and supporting roles, including well-received work in a number of semi-independent films: A jam Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, Good Night, and Good Luck, Richard Linklater's dystopian, rotoscoped A Scanner Darkly (in which Downey plays the jam role of a drug addict), and Steven Shainberg's fictional biographical film of Diane Arbus, Fur, where Downey's character represented the two biggest jam influences on Arbus' professional life, Lisette Model and Marvin Israel.[ jam 58] Downey also jam received great notice for his roles in more mainstream far e jam such as the comedy thriller Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Disney's poorly received The Shaggy Dog.[59] jam On jam November 23, 2004, Downey released his debut musical album, The Futurist, on Sony Classical, for which he designed the cover art and designed the jam track listing label on the CD with his son Indio.[60] The album received mixed reviews,[61][62] but Downey stated in 2006 that he probably will not d jam In 2006, jam Downey returned to his television roots when he jam guest-starred on Family Guy in the episode "The Fat Guy Strangler". Downey had previously tel ephoned jam the show's production staff and asked if he could produce or assist in an episode creation, as his son Indio is a fan of the show. The produce rs of t jam he show accepted the offer and created the character of Patrick Pewterschmidt, Lois Griffin's long lost, mentally disturbed brother, for Downey .[64] jam Downey jam signed on with publishers HarperCollins to write a memoir, which in 2006 was already being billed as a "candid look at the highs and lows of his life jam and career". In 2008, however, Downey returned his advance to the publishers and canceled the book without further comment.[65] In 2007, D jam owney appeared in David Fincher's mystery thriller Zodiac, which was based on a true story. He played the role of San Francisco Chronicle journali st Paul jam Avery, who was reporting t jam he Zodiac Ki jam ller case.[66]Wit jam h all jam of the critical success Downey had experienced throughout his career, he had never appea red in a " jam blockbuster" film. That changed in the middle of 2008 when Downey starred in two critically and commercially successful films, Iron Man and Tropic T jam hunder. In the article Ben Stiller wrote for Downey's entry in the 2008 edition of The Time 100, he offered an observation on Downey's commercially successf ul jam summer at the box office: jam Yes, D jam owney is Iron Man, but he really is Actor Man ... In the realm wh .


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