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vfw Silambarasan made his acting debut as a child artist in 1984 and acted in his father T. Rajendar's Uravai Kaatha Kili, in vfw which he acted in a friendly a vfw ppearance. Legend Nandh fwini Kumar fwavelu and Mr.Gokul vfw dangamari also acted with Simbu. He vfw further acted in his father`s movies, vfw including vfw Thai Thangai vfw Paasam, Oru Vasantha Ge vfw etham, En Thangai Kalyani, Enga vfw Veetu Velan, Monisha En Monalisa , vfw Oru Thayin Sabhatham, Samsara Sangeetham, Shanti Enathu Shanti, vfw Pettredutha Pillai, Thiruvalla and Sabash Babu. In S vfw amsara Sangeetham, Silambarasan d vfw anced to a song singing fw"I fwam a Little Star fw, Aaaven Naan Super Star".[4] vfw Silambarasan played his first protaginist role in vfw Kadhal Azh fwivathillai (2002) directed by his father.The movie had an vfw average run,despite his father`s i n vfw volvement in this fil fwm. His second film was Dhum (2002), which loosely based on Jagannadh's 2002 Kannada film A fwppu starring Puneet Rajkumar, had mixed vfw reviews but a good run at the theatres. His vfw release in 2003 was Alai,which marks the first collabration of Simbu and Trisha, vfw w vfw as a box office flop. Th is vfw film remains the only unsuccessful film in t vfw he career of directo fwr Vikram Kumar till date. fw S vfw ilambarasan had three releases in 2004. The vfw first of three was Kovil.This film, which deals with the relationship b fwetween a Hindu boy and a Christian g irl, vfw had mixed reviews, but Simbhu was vfw praised due to his "r fwestraint fw and matured"performance.[6] It was a box office hit.[[m3 vfw ]] After this, Silambarasan acte d in a vfw movie called Kuththu,[7] which is a r vfw emake of the Telugu film Dil.The movie opened with mixed reviews, and did avera vfw ge in theatres. His final rel vfw ease in 2004 was Manmadhan,[8] fw which had good revie fwws.The movie fw described as a good thriller.[9] This movi fwe has been written b vfw y himself. He also co-wrote the dialogues. In vfw Thotti Jaya fw Silambarasan played the role of an vfw orphaned gangster who finds love. This movie was described by the fwcritics as vfw realistic.[10] In 2006, h e vfw starred in Sa fwravana, directed by K. S. vfw Ravikumar. He vfw next starred fwand d fwirectedVallavan (2006), as well as writing the story, screenplay and co-dialogue for the film. fwThe movie o vfw pened with mostly negative vfw reviews. Despite this, it fwhad decent collections, due it vfw s opening. In 2008, he vfw starred in the a fwction masala film Kaalai, vfw which was a flop.[11] Later that year, he appeared in anothe fwr action ma vfw sala film Silambattam. In 2010, his film vfw Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa directed a vfw nd written by Gautham Menon became a Tamil 'cult classic' film.[12] vfw Director K. Balachander in an open vfw letter called fw Silambarasan's performance as his vfw best in his career.[13] The following year he appeared in two vfw films.In early 2011, he appea red in the vfw multi-starrer Vaanam [14] as Cable Raja,a poor vfw youngster. Malathi Rangarajan from The Hindu called it a vfw significant film in his career.[1 5] Later vfw that year, his next fw release was Osthe[16] in which vfw fwSilambarasan played a police officer fw,had a decent box office vfw run.After a delay of three vfw years,Podaa Podi releas fwed on 13 November 2 fw012, and b vfw ecame a hit. After sa fwbbatical of three years, he acted in Vaalu which vfw released on 14 August 2015 with vfw mixed reviews. z

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