1000's of woodworking plans here


Yesterday, I sent an email telling you about TedsWoodworking collection of 16,000 plans

Bad news is, I must have underestimated the amount of people
who wanted to get in ... because Ted's server actually fell over.

So to those who wanted to sign up (but couldn't) ... I am very sorry
you got a '404 page error'.

This is due to an overload of traffic to the webpage that caused it
to go down...

However as his way of apologizing, Ted has informed me that he
will extend the offer for 1 more day.

For those of you who missed out, click here to access TedsWoodworking now
Again, this offer will end at midnight tonight.

If you really want to get your hands on 16,000 projects (and I’m
guessing you do or you wouldn’t have even visited the site), then
you should grab it right now.

Remember, not only will it give you step by step instructions on
whatever you're working on, but it will also give you tons of ideas
for your next woodworking project.

So order NOW before the discount expires tonight
Thank you for your time and patience. Fingers crossed my
servers hold up this time : )

Best regards,

P.S: This is your last chance to grab all 16,000 plans at this
discount price. I've been told that Ted will only extend this offer
until midnight tonight and this offer will NOT be repeated again.

No pressure or anything but if you miss this out, you'll have to pay full price in future.

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Results Ink, Inc
6409 Fayetteville Rd Suite 120-201
Durham NC 27713

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