The cure to Alzheimer's: Yale reporting

100 Year Old Man Regains His Memory

Rodger put this under his tongue and his Alzheimers is gone

He tells ABC News exactly what he used

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It only took 3 days and Rodger has a perfect memory
Here is what she used

But how do you feel I require little sleep In any caseits more important that you should hear something about your new life Its not all as innocent and idyllic as this If you intend to go throughyou ought to be instructed about the dangers OhI guessed as much But how shall we arrange shall I put questionsor will you tell me what you think is most essential Panawe motioned to Maskull to sit down on a pile of fernsand at the same time reclined himselfleaning on one armwith outstretched legs I will tell some incidents of my life You will begin to learn from them what sort of place you have come to I shall be gratefulsaid Maskullpreparing himself to listen Panawe paused for a moment or twoand then started his narrative in tranquilmeasuredyet sympathetic tones PANAWES STORY

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Let the direct its will to the scene of the combatand it will be of whichever it pleases You wantof courseto be a mandont you said my mother to me earnestly Then I shall be slaying your daughterand   that would be a crime Something in my tone attracted Broodviols notice That was spokennot selfishlybut magnanimously Therefore the male must have spoken itand you need not trouble further Before you arrive homethe will be a boy My father walked away out of sight My mother bent  very low before Broodviol for about ten minutesand he remained all that time looking kindly at her I heard that shortly afterward Alppain came into that land for a few hours daily Broodviol grew melancholyand died His prophecy came true before we reached homeI knew the meaning of shame But I have often pondered over his words sincein later yearswhen trying to understand my own nature and I have come to the conclusion thatwisest of men as he washe still did not see quite straight on this occasion Between me and my t sisterenclosed in one bodythere never was any strugglebut instinctive reverence for life withheld both of us from fighting for existence Hers was the stronger temperamentand she sacrificed herself though not consciously for me.

One hot morning I came to Shapings Causeway It is so called either because Shaping once crossed itor because of its stupendous character It is a natural embankmenttwenty miles longwhich links the mountains bordering my homeland with the Ifdawn Marest The valley lies below at a depth varying from eight to ten feet a terrible precipice on either side The knife edge of the ridge is generally not much over a   foot wide The causeway goes due north and south The valley on my right hand was plunged in shadow that on my left was sparkling with sunlight and dew I walked fearfully along this precarious path for some miles Far to the east the valley was closed by a lofty tablelandconnecting the two chains of mountainsbut overtopping even the most towering pinnacles This is called the Sant Levels I was never therebut I have heard two curious facts concerning the inhabitants The first is that they have no women the secondthat though they are addicted to travelling in other parts they never acquire habits of the peoples with whom they reside.


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