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Don't Climb Dangerous Ladders To Light Your Home

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ern states, nor did he intend to end mw1 slavery where it existed, but said that he would use force t mw1 o maintain mw1 possession of mw1 Federal property. The government wo uld make no move to recover post offices, and if resisted, mail delivery would end at state lines. Where popular conditions did not allow peaceful enforcement of Federal lw, U.S. mw1 Marshals and Judges would be withdrawn. No mention was made of bullion lost from U.S. mints in Louisiana, Georgia and North Carolina. In mw1 Lincoln's inau mw1 gural address, he stated that it would be U.S. policy to only collect import duties at its ports; there could be no ser mw1 ious injury to the South to justify armed revolution during his administration. His speech closed with a plea for restoration of the bonds of union, famously calling on "the mystic ch ords of memory" binding mw1 the two regions.[79]The South sent delegations to Washington and offered to pay for the federal properties and enter into a peace treat y with the United States. Lincoln rejecte d any negotiations with mw1 Confederate agents because he claimed the mw1 Confederacy was not a legitimate mw1 government, and that making any treaty with it would be tan tamount to recognition of it as a sovereign government.[80] Secretary of State William Seward who at that time saw himself as the real governor or "prime minis ter" behind the throne of mw1 the inexperien mw1 ced Lincoln, enga mw1 d in unauthorized an mw1 d indirec mw1 ne mw1 gotiations that failed.[80] Presi mw1 dent Lincoln was determined to ho ld all remaining Union-occuped forts in the Confederacy, Fort Monroe in Virginia, in Florida mw1 , Fort Pickens, Fort Jeffe mw1 rson, and Fort Taylor, and in the cock pit of mw1 secession, mw1 Charleston, South Carolina's Fort mw1 Sumter.Battle of Fort SumterFort Sumter was located in the middle of mw1 the harbor of Charleston, South Caroli na, where the U.S. fort's garrison had withdrawn to avoid incidents with local militias in the street mw1 s of the city. Unlike Buchanan, who allowed mw1 commanders to re mw1 mw1 mw1 linquish possession to avoid bloodshed, Lincoln required Maj. Anderson to hold on until fired upon mw1 . Jefferson Da mw1 vis ordered the surrender of the fort. Ande mw1 mw1 rson gave a c mw1 onditional reply that the Con mw1 federate government mw1 rejected, and D mw1 avis ordered P. G. T. Beauregard to attack the fort before a r mw1 elief expedition co uld arrive. Troops under Beauregard bombarded Fort Sumter on April 12â€"13, forcing its capitulat mw1 ion.The attack o mw1 n Fort Sumter rallied the North to the defense of mw1 mw1 American mw1 nation mw1 alism. Historian Allan Nevins says:The thunderclap of Sumter produced a startling crystallization of Northern sentiment. ... Anger swept the land . From every side came news of mass meetings, speeches, resolutions, tenders of business support, the muster of companies and regiments, the determined action of mw1 governors and legislatures."[81][82] However, much of the North's attitude was bas mw1 ed on the false belie mw1 f that only a minority of Southerners were actually in favor of secessio mw1 n and that there were larg e numbers of southern Unionists that coul mw1 d be counted on. Had Northerners realized that most Southerners reall mw1 y did favor seces mw1 sion, they might have hesitated at at tempting the enormous task of conquering a united South.[83]Lincoln called on all mw1 the states t mw1 o send forces to recapture the fort and other federal properties. He cited presidential powers given by the Militia Acts of 1792. With the scale of the rebellion mw1 apparently small so far, mw1 Lincoln called for only 75,000 volunteers for 90 days.[84] The governor of mw1 Massachusetts had state regiments on trains headed south the next day. In western Missouri, mw1 Four states in the middle and upper South had repeatedly rejected Confederate overtures, but now Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and North Carolina refused to send fo rces against their neighbors, declared their secession, and joined the Confederacy. To reward Virginia, the Confederate capital was mw1 moved to Richmond.[87were later jo mw1 ined by West Virginia, whi mw1 ch separated from Virginia and became a new state. mw1 Maryland had numerous anti-Lincoln officials who tolerated anti-army rioting in Baltimore and the burning of bridges, both aimed at hindering the passage of troo mw1 ps mw1 to the South. Maryland's legislatu mw1 re voted to stay in the Union, but also rejected hosti mw1 lities with the South, voting to clos mw1 e Maryland's rail lines to prevent them from being used for war.[88] Lincoln responded by establishing martial law, and unilaterally suspending habea mw1 s corpus, in Maryland, along with sendi mw1 ng in militia u nits from the North.[89] Lincoln rapidly mw1 took control of Maryland and the District of Columbia, by seizing many promine mw1 nt fig mw1 ures, including arresting 1/3 of the me mw1 mbers of the Maryland General Assembly on the day it reconvened.[88][90] All we mw1 nt) could suspend habeas corpus (Ex parte Merryman). Indeed, federal troops imprisoned a pr mw1 ominent Baltimore newspaper editor, Fra mw1 nk Key Howard, Fra mw1 ncis Scott Key's grandson, after he critici mw1 ed Lincoln in an editorial for ig mw1 noring th mw1 e Supreme Court Chief Justice's ruling.[91] mw1 .


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