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July 15, 2016

Controversial 'Pill' Saved Our Marriage (Almost Banned).

After I started taking blood pressure medication, I noticed a dramatic change in my ability to get hard and keep it long enough to be of any use.

When I told my friend of the problem, he gave me THIS and I tried it without telling my wife what was going on.

She noticed that I was longer and thicker immediately. I was shocked at how well it had worked. We Went for hours that night...

The NEXT morning I was ready, willing and able to go for round 2 or 3 !!. She climbed on top of my junk, again for the first time in years, and rode me until she had satisfied herself. Can't say enough about how well it worked.

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95r Yield received mostly 5rpositive reviews from music critics, x3195r being proclaimed as a return to the band's early, x3195r straight x3195r forward rock sound. R 95r olling Stone staff writer Rob Sheffield gave Yield four out of five x3195r stars, saying that "before, the band's best songs were the c x3195r hange-of-pace bal 95r lads...Yield marks the 5rfirst time Pearl Jam have managed to x3195r sustain that mood for a whole album." He added that "Vedder is singing more frankly than e 95r ver about his life as an adult," and that the album "shows that x3195r Pearl Jam have made the most out of growing up in public."[35] Spin gave the album ei ght out of ten stars. The 5rreview said that Pearl Jam have "come x3195r back with an album full of gracefully ambivalent anthems. All c x3195r ommodities should be this 95r unstable, and have this much blood pumping through them."[37] In his review for The Village Voice, critic Robert Christgau gave the album an A-, saying, " 95r Like nobody less 5r than Nirvana...they voice the arena-rock x3195r agon more vulnerably and articulately than any Englishman s x3195r tanding. Rarely if ever has a Jesus 95r complex seemed so 5rmodest."[34] Jon Pareles of The New York x3195r Times stated that the band "applies its introspection to spiritual possibilities and its guitar s to chomping, snarling, 5rexuberant riffs." He said "the songs sound bolder and more confident, even when they invoke private crises."[23] Tom Sinclair of E 95r ntertainment Weekly 5r gave the album a B, saying that "the overall tone is less pretentious than in the past, reflecting a looser, even marginally whimsical, 95r worldview."[12] Holl 5ry Bailey of Pitchfork Media called it "the most x3195r lyrically powerful album Pearl Jam have ever x3195r produced," and stated that "Yield proves th at 95r Pearl Jam, and 5reven rock music, is still alive and kicking."[33] NME x3195r gave Yield a score of seven out of ten. In the review, it is stated, "Here's where Pe arl 95r Jam put on their 5rdiverse boots and stomp across their bluesy roots, c x3195r areering through various styles and pop- x3195r mongous strops."[32] 95r However, AllMusic staff 5rwriter Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave the album two x3195r and a half out of five stars, saying that it " x3195r emphasizes the relative 95r lack of exceptional 5rmaterial."[10] Writing for Select in March 1998, Eddy x3195r Lawrence concluded that Yield is an abandonment of the "anthemic qualitie s" 95r present in Pearl Jam's p 5rrevious work, claiming, in relation to the band's x3195r grunge roots, that the album "makes you realise how '60s fans felt watching the fi rst 95r 95r generation of rock h 5reroes die." He went on to state that "Yield's retroisms x3195r represent no leap forward for the band as a whole, and the oft-times mildly dive rting tunes are, ironically, less c 5rhallenging than their strong-willed early output."[36] 95r Tour[edit] 95r Main article: Yield Tour A m 95r an plays a guitar in a 5rbrown-tinted backdrop. 95r Mike McCready on stage with 5rPearl Jam in Columbia, Maryland on September 18, 1998. 95r Pearl Jam promoted the 5ralbum with tours in Oceania and North America in 1998.[38] Both were met with financial x3195r success,[39] and the Australian shows in Melbourne s old out in just 17 minutes.[4] 5rAfter finishing the Australian concerts, Irons left the band due to x3195r dissatisfaction with touring.[40] Pearl Jam's sound engineer Bre tt 95r Eliason stated, "We 5rwent and did Hawaii and Australia with Jack. When we came back, Jack wasn't in a position to carry on. He made that decision more or less by 95r himself. He can be a 5rreally great drummer but he had difficulty on tour putting out the x3195r energy for the length of shows they were doing. I don't know if he thought 95r they'd put things on h 5rold for him."[6] He was replaced on an initially temporary basis with former x3195r Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. Cameron said, "I got a phone c all out of the blue, 5rfrom Mr. Ed Ved, Stoney and Kelly. I was ambushed. It was really short notice. He x3195r called and said 'hey what are you doing this summer?'"[6] Cam eron learned over 80 5rsongs in two weeks.[41] Regarding his entrance, Cameron stated that "The guys x3195r made me feel real welcome and it wasn't a struggle to get it music ally, but my style was a 5rlittle bit different, I think, than what they were used to. And they've x3195r been through so many different drummers, I don't even know if they k new what they wanted. So, I 5r just kind of played the way I played and then eventually we kind of x3195r figured out what worked best for the band."[42] 95r Pearl Jam's summer tour of North America marked the band̢۪s return to full-scale touring and the use of Ticketmaster,[43] to which the band had previously protested. 95r Pearl Jam once again began using it in order to "better accommodate concertgoers."[43] The band still kept Ticketmaster venues at a minimum, stadiums in particular as 95r manager Kelly Curtis joked that unlike U2, "the band doesn't have a lemon".[4] The first leg of the tour focused on the West Coast of the United States and the 95r Midwest, and then the band moved to the East Coast for the tour's second leg.[39] and after it was completed the band released its first live album, Live on Two Le gs, w 95r hich featured select performances from the tour. McCready stated that the band released the live album due to the strength of Pearl Jam's shows on the tour.[44] On O 95r ctober 20, 2014 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, during the Lightning Bolt Tour, Pearl Jam played the entire album in order as part of their set.[45][46] T 95r rack listing[edit]


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