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erm8 Overall, Yield resembles the erm8 straightforward rock erm8 approach of the band's early work.[10] Gossard said, "The rm8 songs were a little bit more rm8 structured. I don't know if it was poppier, but it seemed more professional."[11] O'Brien noted that during the Yield sessions, the band made a rm8 conscious effort to rm8 create more accessible songs.[6] Tom Sinclair of rm8 Entertainment rm8 Weekly stated that the rm8 band has "turned in an intermittently affecting album that veers rm8 between fiery garage rock and rootsy, acoustic-based ruminations. Perhaps mindful of their position as the last alt-rock ambassadors with any degree of clout, they've come up with their most cohesive album since their 1991 debut, Ten."[12] "Given to Fly", the album's first single, was noted for its similarity to Led Zeppelin's "Going to California" from the 1971 album, Led Zeppelin IV.[12] erm8 Lyrically, Yield erm8 continued with the more erm8 contemplative type of writing rm8 found on No Code.[13] Vedder said rm8 that while "in the rm8 past we got really angry and we cried out against many things in our songs", he considered that when "you become an adult you have to express your energy in a different way, rm8 more calm." This led to songs that while not e rm8 schewing "the bad side of life", ended up "facing it from a more positive point of view, looking for a way to solve it. In the past we said: what a shit, this stinks, that sucks, everything sucks... Now it's time to say: stop, let's look for a solution, let's be positive."[14] Several songs on the album were inspired by literary works, including Mikhail Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita ("Pilate"),[7] Daniel Quinn's novel Ishmael ("Do the Evolution"),[15] and the writings of Charles Bukowski ("In Hiding").[16] Gossard wrote the lyrics for the songs "No Way" and "All Those Yesterdays", and Ament, making his first lyrical contributions to a Pearl Jam album, wrote the lyrics for the songs "Pilate" and "Low Light". Ament said, "[to] watch Eddie put his heart into singing lyrics that I wrote, was an experience I can't put into words."[7] erm8 Gossard said "No Way" erm8 expresses the idea that erm8 people just need to live "and rm8 quit trying to prove rm8 something."[5] According to rm8 Vedder, "Given to Fly" is about "rising above anybody's comments about what you do and still giving your love away,"[5] "Do the Evolution" is about " rm8 someone who's drunk with t rm8 echnology, who thinks they're the c rm8 ontrolling living being on this rm8 planet,"[5] "MFC" takes place in a car and is about "getting the fuck out of a problem,"[17] and "In Hiding" is about "taking a fast from life."[5] Ament said that "Pilate" concerned a question he was asking himself, dealing with a recurring dream Ament had with being old sitting with his dog on the porch, while "Low Light" was the answer, and that it deals with "a kind of gratefulness at finding that place of calm and peace at my center and getting a glimpse of the person I could choose to be."[7] rm8 erm8 Packaging and title[edit]The erm8 album's cover art shows an empty road underneath a rm8 bright blue sky with a y rm8 ield sign on the right-hand side of the road. The front cover art image was taken from a photograph of a road outside Billings, Montana, while the inside cover depicts the yield sign in the middle of the rm8 ocean. The cover of the cassette v rm8 ersion mirrored the image. A yield sign is hidden in every picture of the liner notes booklet. At the 1999 Grammy Awards, Yield received a rm8 nomination for Best Recording Package.[18] Ament said that the cover came from the idea on "how cool to have a yield sign where there's nothing to yield to", and the place was a road on the way to his Montana home which he considered perfect for the photo.[19] The erm8 album title is erm8 rooted in the idea of "yielding to nature," a theme central to rm8 Daniel Quinn's novel rm8 Ishmael.[20] The band rm8 members read the book while working on the album.[21] Regarding the title, McCready said, "I think the title Yield has to do with maybe being more comfortable within rm8 ourselves, with this band....we're all a rm8 little bit older and a little more relaxed and maybe just kind of yielding to those anxieties and not trying to fight it so much...That's what it kind of feels to me รข€" yielding, letting something else happen and going with it."[22] Vedder said, "Let's say that hypothetically speaking, the title does mean something...You can fight so much, and then you have to think, 'What are the real battles?' 'What's really important?' You get to a certain point, and it's really hard to remember what music is and to remember what drives you."[23] The erm8 indie rock band BOAT erm8 parodied the album's cover art, among several rm8 others, on its 2011 release Dress Like Your Idols.


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