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We watched the creature with more of curiosity than alarm. Unless brought to bay, or hungry, or wantonly irritated, these great cats were cowardly enough. It would hardly attack the two of us. Nearer and nearer it came, showing no signs of an- ger and none of fear, and paying no attention to the withered branch with which Diccon tried to scare it off. When it was so close that we could see the white of its breast it stopped, look- ing at us with large unfaltering eyes, and slightly moving its tail to and fro. "A tame panther!" ejaculated Diccon. "It must be the one Nantauquas tamed, sir. He would have kept it somewhere near Master Rolfe's house." "And it heard us, and followed us through the gate," I said. "It was the third the warder talked of." We walked on, and the beast, addressing itself to motion, fol- lowed at our heels. Now and then we looked back at it, but we feared it not. As for me, I had begun to think that a panther might be the least formidable thing I should meet that night. By this I had scarcely any hope—or fear—that I should find her at our journey's end. The lonesome path that led only to the night- time forest, the deep and dark river with its mournful voice, the hard, bright, pitiless stars, the cold, the loneliness, the dis- tance,—how should she be there? And if not she, who then? The hut to which I had been directed stood in an angle made by the neck and the main bank of the river. On one side of it was the water, on the other a deep wood. The place had an evil name, and no man had lived there since the planter who had built it hanged himself upon its threshold. The hut was ruinous: in the summer tall weeds grew up around it, and venomous


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him from fini kinl4c shing it.  Billiards! th kinl4c at is the weakness of that great w kinl4c arrior. He stands there, as grave as in battle, in full uniform, his breast covered with med kinl4c als, with kindled eyes, flushed cheeks, kinl4c excited by feasting, grog, and the game. His aides-de-camp surround him, zealous kinl4c and respectful. uttering admiring exclamations at each of his strok kinl4c es. When the kinl4c   marshal makes a point, the kinl4c y all hasten to mark it; when the marshal is thirsty, they all rush to prepare h kinl4c is grog. There is a constant rustling of kinl4c epaulettes and plumes, a jingling of medals; and to see all those sweet smiles, those artful, kinl4c courtierlike reverences, all those new uniforms and embroidery in that lofty apartment, with its oaken wainscoting, looking upon parks and courts of honour, reca kinl4c lls the autumn da kinl4c ys at   Compiègne, and affords the eyes a little rest from the stained cloaks that kinl4c shiver yonder along the roads, forming such sombre groups in kinl4c the rain. The marshal's kinl4c opponent is a you kinl4c ng captain of the staff, belted and curled and light-gloved, who is in the first kinl4c rank of billiard-players and capable of be kinl4c ating all the mars kinl4c hals on ear kinl4c th; but he has the tact to keep a respectful kinl4c d kinl4c istance behind his chief, and devotes his energies to the task of not winning, and at the same time not losing too easily. He is kinl4c what   is called an kinl4c officer with a future. Attention, young man, kinl4c let us be on our guard! The marshal has fifteen, kinl4c and you ten. The point is to keep


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feel the aband ju4g6s onment, the desolation of war. The oriflam ju4g6s me of the leader of the army has safeguarded even the tiniest flowers in the lawns, and it is an impressi ju4g6s ve thing to find so near the battle-field that opulent tranqui ju4g6s llity that is born of perfect order, of the accurate alig ju4g6s nment of the shrubbery, of the silent depths of the avenues.  The rain, which fil ju4g6s ls the roads yonder with such disgusting m ju4g6s ju4g6s ud, and digs such deep ruts, here is nothing more than an elegant, aristocratic shower, ju4g6s reviving the red of the bri ju4g6s cks and the green of the lawns, polishing the le ju4g6s aves of the orange-trees and the white feathers of the swans. Everything glistens, everything is peaceful. Really, but for the ju4g6s flag floating on the roof, but for the two soldiers on sentry-go before ju4g6s the gate, one would never suspect  that it ju4g6s is the headquarters of an a ju4g6s rmy. The horses are resting in the stables. Here and the ju4g6s re one sees a groom, or an orderly in undress uniform, loitering about the kitchen, or a gardener in red trousers placidly ju4g6s drawing his rake over the gravel in the great courtyards. The dining-room, the windows of which ju4g6s look upon the porch, ju4g6s discloses a half-cleared table; uncorked bottles, ju4g6s soiled and empty glasses on the   rumpled cl ju4g6s oth; the end of a banquet, after the guests have gone. In the adjoining ro ju4g6s om one may hear loud voices, ju4g6s ju4g6s laughter ju4g6s , the clicking of balls and the clinking of glasses. The marshal is playing his game of billiards, and that is why the army is wa ju4g6s iting for orders. When the mars ju4g6s hal had begun his  game, the heavens might fa ju4g6s ll, but nothing in the world could prevent


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front of the gre zd9aoh at silent château. Even after they have fallen, the grape tears them still, and from the open wounds the generous blood of France flows noiselessly. Above, in the bill zd9aoh iard-room, it is getting terribly warm too; the marshal has recovered his lead, but the little captain is defending himself like a lion. Seventeen! eighteen! nin zd9aoh eteen! They hardly have time to mark the points. The roar of the battle draws nearer. The marshal has but one more to go. Already shells zd9aoh are falling in the park. Suddenly one bursts over the pond. The mirror is shattered; a swan in deadly alarm swims wildly abou zd9aoh t amid an eddy of bloody feathers. That is the last stroke. Then, a profound silence. Only the rain falling on the hedges, a zd9aoh confused rumbling at the foot of the hill, and, along the muddy roads, a sound like zd9aoh the trampling of a hurrying flock. The army is in full retreat. The marshal has won his game.THAT evening the big blacksmith, Lory of Sain zd9aoh te-Marie-aux-Mines, was not happy. When the smithy fire zd9aoh had gone down and the sun had set, it was his custom to sit on a bench before his door, tasting that grateful weariness which is the zd9aoh reward of heavy labor and of a hot day's work. Before he sent home his apprentices, he would drink several deep glasses of zd9aoh cool beer with them, while he watched t zd9aoh he workers coming zd9aoh out of the factories. But that zd9aoh evening the good blacksmith remained at his forge until it was time for his supper, and even then he went as if he re zd9aoh gretted to leave. As his old wife look zd9aoh ed at him, she thought. "What can zd9aoh have happened to him? Can he have re zd9aoh ceived bad news from th zd9aoh e regiment and be hiding it from me? Perhaps the older of the zd9aoh boys is sick--" But she dared not question him, and busied herself quieting three litt zd9aoh le tow-headed rascals, brown as ears of parche zd9aoh d corn, who were laughing around the table as they crunched their good salad of black radishes zd9aoh and cream. At last the blacksmith pushed back his plate in a rage and cried, "Ah, what brut zd9aoh es, what curs!" zd9aoh "Come, Lory, who are you talking about?" said his wife. He shouted, "I am talking o zd9aoh f five or six scamps who were seen th zd9aoh is morning parading the town in their French uniforms, arm in arm with the zd9aoh Bavariansâ€"more of those fellows who haveâ€"how do they say it?-'chosen Prussian citizenship.' And to think zd9aoh that every day we seeing such false Alsatians come back! What can they h zd9aoh ave given the scoundrels to drink anyway?"


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the game in that condition to the end; then you will have done more for your promotion than if you were outside with the others, beneath those torrents of water which drown the horizon, soiling your natty uniform, tarnishing the gold of your aiguillettes, awaiting orders which do not come. It is really an interesting game. The balls roll and clash and mingle their colours. The cushions send them merrily back; the cloth waxes hot. Suddenly the flash of a cannon-shot passes across the sky. A dull sound rattles the windows. Everybody starts, and they look at each other anxiously. The marshal alone has neither seen nor heard anything; leaning over the table, he is busily engaged in planning a magnificent draw-shot; draw-shots are his strong point. But there comes another flash, then another. The cannon-shots succeed each other in hot haste. The

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aides-de-camp run to the windows. Can it be that the Prussians are attacking. "Very well, let them att hvy1 ack!" says the marshal, chalking his cue. "It's your turn, captain." The staff quivers with admiration. Turenne asleep upon a gun-ca hvy1 rriage was nothing compared to this marshal, who plays billiar hvy1 ds so tranquilly at the moment of going into action. Meanwhile the uproar redoubles. With the roar of the cannon is mingled the tearing sound of the mitrailleuses, the rattle of musketry. A red steam, black at the edges, rises around th hvy1 e lawns. The whole park is on fire. The terrified peacocks and phea hvy1 sants shriek in hvy1 he aviary; the Arabian horses, smelling the powder, rear in the stables. The headquarters begins to be excited. Despatch after despatch. Couriers ar hvy1 rive at full speed. They ask for the marshal. The marshal cannot be seen. Did I not tell you that nothing could prevent him from finishing his game? "It is your turn, captain." hvy1 But the captain is distraught. That is what it is to be young. Behold he loses his head, forgets his tactics, and makes two runs in success hvy1 ion, which almost give him the game. Thereupon the marshal becomes furious. Surpris hvy1 e and indignation animate his manly face. Just at this moment a horse ridden at a hard gallop rushes into the courtyar hvy1 d. An aid hvy1 e-de-camp covered with mud for hvy1 ces his way past the sentries and ascends the steps at one bound. "Marshal, marshal!" You should see how he is greeted. Puffing with anger and red as a rooster, the mars hvy1 hal appears at the window, hvy1 his billiard-cue in his hand: "What's the matter hvy1 ? What’s all this? Isn’t there any sentry there? hvy1 But, marshal--""Al hvy1 l right, in a moment; wait for my orders, in God’s name!"And the window is violently closed.Wait hvy1 for his orders! That is just what they are doing, the poor fellows. The wind drives the rain

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apology. while such hilings preyed on a bosom naturally proud and severe, they had a corresponding effect on her ERLYIFV countenance, where, QELEX with the XCEQDY remains JXLVVE of great beauty,

were mingled traits of inward discontent and peevish melancholy. It perhaps contributed to increase this habitual temperament, that the Lady Lochleven had adopted

uncommonly rigid and severe views of religion, imitating in her ideas of reformed faith the very worst errors of the Catholics, in limiting the benefit of the gospel to those

who profess their own JEBWOLGS speculative tenets. In every respect, the DTULAQDE unfortunate Queen Mary, now the CJDDNH compulsory guest, or rather prisoner, of this sullen lady, was obnoxious to her

hostess. Lady Lochleven disliked her as the daughter of Mary of Guise, the legal possessor VSIFSTC of those rights over James's heart and hand, of which she conceived herself to have been

injuriously deprived; and yet more so as the professor of a religion which she detested worse RYLXC than Paganism. Such was the dame, who, with LNPRI stately mien, and sharp yet

handsome features, shrouded by her black velvet coif, interrogated the domestic who steered her barge to the shore, what had become of Lindesay and Sir Robert Melville. TMDHOUM The

man related what had phied, and she smiled scornfully as she replied, "Fools must be flattered, not foughten with.— Row back — make thy excuse as thou canst — say Lord SYYXCOH

Ruthven hath already reached this castle, XIPEDM and IUNTTRF that he is impatient for Lord Lindesay's presence. Away with thee, Randal — yet stay — what galopin is that thou hast brought hither?"

"So please you, my lady, he HHARDOVN is the page who is to wait upon ——" "Ay, the new male minion," said the Lady Lochleven; "the female attendant arrived

yesterday. I shall have a well-ordered DSCXRBYU house with this lady QIUBB and her retinue; but I trust they BENJADG will soon find some others to undertake such a

charge. Begone, Randal — and you" (to Roland Graeme) "follow me VWLFGNWK to the CUAFNCEGG garden. " She led the way with a slow and stately step to the small

garden, which, enclosed by a stone wall ornamented with statues, and an artificial fountain in the centre, extended FDWNXAOC EELGHREEG its dull parterres on the side of the court-yard, with

which it communicated by a low and arched portal. Within the narrow circuit of its formal and limited walks, Mary Stewart was now learning to perform the weary JLTJXWEAE part of a

prisoner, which, with little interval, she was doomed to sustain during the SCKYIP remainder of her life. She was followed in her slow and melancholy exercise by two female

attendants; but in the first glance which roland graeme bestowed upon one so ilhirious CHECJU by birth, so EOASWHKC distinguished by her beauty, accomplishments, and misfortunes, OSNCNW he CMECQWG was sensible

of the presence of no other than the unhappy Queen of Scotland. Her face, EXPTCYAE her form, have been so deeply impressed upon the imagination, that even at the

distance of nearly three centuries, it JVLAXGY is unnecessary to remind the most ignorant and uninformed reader of the striking traits which .


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come to that, and I was content to let it be. The smell of the woods that day, the chill brown earth beneath me, the blowing wind, the long stretch of the river gleaming between the pines,… and fair in sight the white sails of the Patience and the Deliverance. I had been too nigh gone then to greatly care that I was saved; now I cared, and thanked God for my life. Come what might in the future, the past was mine. Though I should never see my wife again, I had that hour in the state cabin of the Ge- orge. I loved, and was loved again. There was a noise outside the door, and Rolfe's voice speak- ing to the gaoler. Impatient for his entrance I started toward the door, but when it opened he made no move to cross the threshold. "I am not coming in," he said, with a face that he strove to keep grave. "I only came to bring some one else." With that he stepped back, and a second figure, coming for- ward out of the dimness behind him, crossed the threshold. It was a woman, cloaked and hooded. The door was drawn to be- hind her, and we were alone together. Beside the cloak and hood she wore a riding mask. "Do you know who it is?" she asked, when she had stood, so shrouded, for a long minute, during which I had found no words with which to welcome her. "Yea," I answered: "the princess in the fairy tale." She freed her dark hair from its covering, and unclasping her cloak let it drop to the floor. "Shall I unmask?" she asked, with a sigh. "Faith! I should keep the bit of silk between your eyes, sir, and my blushes. Am I ever to be the forward one? Do you not think me too bold a lady?" As she spoke, her white hands were busy about the fastening of her mask. "The knot is too hard," she murmured, with a little tremulous laugh and a catch of her breath. I untied the ribbons.


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   surprised me most was to see at the back of the room, on the benches which were usually empty, some people from the village sitti 5jon8 ng, as silent as we were: old Hauser with his three-cornered hat, the ex-mayor, the ex-postman, and others besides. They all seemed d 5jon8 epressed; and Hauser had brought an old spelling-book wi 5jon8 th gnawed edges, which he held wide-open on his knee, with his great spectacles askew.   While I was wondering at 5jon8 all this, Monsieur Hamel had mounted his platform, and in the same gentle and serious voice with which he had welcomed me, he said to us: "My children, this is t 5jon8 he last time that I s 5jon8 hall teach you. Orders have come from Berlin to teach nothing but German in the schools of Alsace and Lorraine. The new teacher arrives to-morrow. This is the last class in French, 5jon8 so I beg you to be very attentive." Those few words overwhelmed me. Ah! the villains! that was 5jon8 what they had posted at the mayor's office.   My last class in French! And I barely knew how to write! So I should n 5jon8 ever learn! I must stop short where I was! How angry I was with myself because of the time I had wasted, the lessons I had missed, running about after nests, or sliding 5jon8 on the Saar! My books, which only a moment 5jon8 before I thought so tiresome, so heavy to carry-my grammar, my sac 5jon8 red history-seemed to me now like old friends, from whom I should be terribly gri 5jon8 eved to part. And it was the same about Monsieur Hamel. The thought that he was going away, that I should never see him again,    made me forget the punis 5jon8 hments, the blows with the ruler. Poor man! It was i 5jon8 n honour of that last lesson that he had put on his fine Sunday clothes; and I understood now why those old fellows from the villa 5jon8 ge were sitting at the e 5jon8 nd of the room. It seemed to mean that they regret 5jon8 ted not having come oftener to the school. It was also a way of thanking our teacher for his forty years of faithful service, and of payi 5jon8 ng their respects t 5jon8 o the fatherland which was vanishing.


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"You must know that I am walking in the Governor's garden, that hath only a lane between it and the gaol." Her eyes were downcast, her cheeks pure rose. "When did you first love me?" I demanded. "Lady Wyatt must have guessed why Master Rolfe alone went not to the bear-baiting, but joined us in the garden. She said the air was keen, and fetched me her mask, and then herself went indoors to embroider Samson in the arms of Delilah.' "Was it here at Jamestown, or was it when we were first wrecked, or on the island with the pink hill when you wrote my name in the sand, or"— "The George will sail in three days, and we are to be taken back to England after all. It does not scare me now." "In all my life I have kissed you only once," I said. The rose deepened, and in her eyes there was laughter, with tears behind. "You are a gentleman of determination," she said. "If you are bent upon having your way, I do not know that I—that I—can help myself. I do not even know that I want to help myself." Outside the wind blew and the sun shone, and the laughter from below the fort was too far away and elfin to jar upon us. The world forgot us, and we were well content. There seemed not much to say: I suppose we were too happy for words. I knelt beside her, and she laid her hands in mine, and now and then we spoke. In her short and lonely life, and in my longer stern and crowded one, there had been little tenderness, little happiness. In her past, to those about her, she had seemed bright and gay; I had been a comrade whom men liked because I could jest as well as fight. Now we were happy, but we were not gay. Each felt for the other a great compassion; each knew that though we smiled to-day, the groan and the tear might be to-morrow's due; the sunshine around us was pure gold, but that the clouds were mounting we knew full well. "I must soon be gone," she said at last. "It is a stolen meet- ing. I do not know when we shall meet again." She rose from the settle, and I rose with her, and we stood together beside the barred window. There was no danger of her being seen; street and square were left to the wind and the sunshine. My arm was around her, and she leaned her head


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Call: 8777886280 for New Federal Program to Pay off Student Loans

Call: 8777886280 to take advantage of the newer Federal Repayment plan
for students who are no longer in school but have $10,000 or more in student debt.

Fast & easy to apply!

Call Now! 8777886280

Mon - Fri (7am - 3pm PST)

Student Loan Forgiveness

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