America CAN Get Healthier - But We Have To Take A Stand First

America CAN Get Healthier - But We Have To Take A Stand First

Dear uluyamfarm.nurul,

In all my years as a physician, I' ve never seen anything like this...

It' s a video about a MASSIVE health crisis that' s sweeping our entire nation... and no one is talking about it!
This video may be able to explain why so many Americans are experiencing so many devastating health issues, such as:

Chronic Fatigue
Weight Gain
Skin Rashes
" Brain Fog"

...and so much more. In fact, this may even explain the crippling obesity
epidemic we' re experiencing...and could offer a real solution to finally reverse the trend.

It simply wouldn' t be ethical for me to not reveal the groundbreaking discovery I recently made...

I got into this line of work because I had a genuine desire to help people, and I still do.

Click HERE to see this life-changing video

Yours Truly,

P.S. PLEASE write in and tell me if this video was as amazing to YOU as it was to me!



19528 Ventura Blvd. # 343, Tarzana, CA. 91356

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Got Nerve Pain? Things You NEED to AVOID... (Health Notice)

Got Nerve Pain? Things You NEED to AVOID... (Health Notice)

Does your body feel like One raw exposed Nerve?

Say GOODBYE to burning and stabbing pain in your arms and feet, Difficulties falling asleep, and fear of waking up to another day of Life Sucking Discomfort! 

I recently found a weird little Nerve Pain " Miracle" that' s helping me & people like you who suffer daily from endless attacks. Most of us suffer in silence- well no more!

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Weird " Miracle" that WIPES OUT Nerve Pain for Good

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This communication is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice. Always consult your primary care provider before beginning any dietary supplement.

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Neuracel, LLC
390 E. Corporate Way, Suite 106, Meridian, ID 83642.



23-Sec exercise ACTIVATES your core and shrinks your waistline FAST

23-Sec exercise ACTIVATES your core and shrinks your waistline FAST

Have you heard of the NEW ab training technique called a Core Activation Sequence yet?

They were originally invented by Dr. James Vegher to help his patients with chronic neck and back pain. Then...

One of his clients discovered that they worked even better for quickly shrinking your waistline and flattening your belly!

YOU should definitely check out this website if:

  • YOU Have an unsightly pouch belly or ugly beer gut that you can' t seem to get rid of
  • YOU have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain and can' t seem to find a way to make it stop
  • YOU have terrible posture and nothing seems to help
  • YOU desperately want to see a flat bell or toned abs but don' t know where to start
  • YOU are interested in learning what a Core Activation Sequence is and what it can do for you

=> 23-Second exercises ACTIVATES your core and shrinks your waistline FAST

I hope you enjoy the waist shrinking benefits from these Dr. created Core Activation Sequences...


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This communication is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice.
Always consult your primary care provider before beginning any dietary supplement.
Warrior Media, INC. - 1334 Brommer St Suite B6 - Santa Cruz CA 95062 - Copyright 2015. All rights reserved.

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New Treatment To Improve Kidney Function?


Are you struggling with impaired kidney function or kidney disease or even kidney dialysis?

It can come as a huge shock to you when the doctor says that your kidneys are not working properly ... and even more shocking when they say that it isn't possible to reverse kidney damage

You may have even been told that it is a downward slippery slide from here.

Thank Goodness ... this is not TRUE!!!!

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Jack Hendry

PS - Don't worry ... contrary to medical belief - kidney disease and impaired kidney function can be reversed ... when you know how:

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ple of a class of donation stelae, uwhich depicts the reigning monarch granting a tax exemption to the resident priesthoodharaohs had erected these stelae over the previos, the earliest examples dating from the Egyptian tuy Old Kingdom. In ear ulier periods all such decrees were issued by the king himself, but the Memphis decree was issued b tuy the priests, as the etu maintainers of traditional Egyptian cultur Th e decree records that Ptolemy V gav oetu e a gift of silver and grain to the temples.It also records that in the eighth year of his reign duri tuyng a par uticularly high Nile flood, he ha d the excess wate urs dam etu med for the benef uit of the farmers.In return for these concess ions, the tuypriesthood pledged that the king's birthday and coronation days would be celeb rated annually, and that all the priests of Egypt would serve him alongside the other g ods. The decree concludes with the instruction that etu a copy was to be placed in every tem ple, inscribed in the "l uanguage of the gods" (hieroglyphs), th tuye "language of documents" (demotic), and etu the "language o tuyf the Greeks" as used by the Ptolemaic governmen Securi tu oetu yng the favour of the priesthood was essential for the Pto ulemaic kings to retain ef fective rule o oetu ver the populace. The High Priests o oetu f Memphis-where the king was crowned-were particularly important, as they were the highest religious authority of the time and had influence throughout the kin Given th tuyat the decree was issued at Memp tuyhis, the an cient c uapital o tuyf Egypt, urather than Ale etu yxandria, the centre of government of the ruling Ptol emies, it is evident that the young king was anxious to gain their active supportence, although the government of Egyp oetu t had been Greek-speaking ever s etu ince the conque tuysts of Alexand er the Great, the Memphis decree, etu like the utwo preceding decrees in the series, included text s in Egyptian to display its relevance to the general populace by way of the literate Egyptian priesthoo There exists no tuyone definitive English translation of the decree because of the minor differences between the three original texts and tuy because modern unde urstanding of the ancient languages contin ues to develop. AS. Simpson, based on the demoti oetu c text, appears on th e British Museum webscan be compared wiull translation in The House of Ptolebased on th


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n is a type of auction in which the roles l7of the buyer and the seller are reversed, with the primary o bjective to 7 drive purchase prices downward. While ordinary auctions provide suppliers the opport unity to find the best price among in 5l7 terested buyers, reverse auctions give buyers a chance to find the lowest-price supplier. During a reverse auction, suppliers may s l7 ubmit multiple offers, usually as a response to 5l7 competing suppliers' offers, bidding down the price of a good or servic 5l7 e to the lowest price they are willing to receive. By l7 revealing th 5l7 e competing bids in real time to every participati ng supplier, reverse a 7 uctions promote "information transparency". This, coupled 5l7 he reverse au ction is widely used by 5l7 corporation 5l7 s, state 5l7 and local Governments, and other organizations. The uses are vast and include services as well as goodauction, and has a defined lose 95l7 r in ad l7dition to the winner . The t 5l7 op two bidders must pay their full final bid amounts, and only the highest wins the auction. The intent is to make the hig 95l7 h bidders bid a 7 bove th 5l7 eir upper limits. In the final rounds of bidding, when th e current losing party has hit their maximum bid, they are encouraged to bid over their maximum (seen as a small loss) to avoid losing their maximum bid with no return (a very large los Silent auction is l7 a variant of l7the English auction in which bids are written on a sheet of paper. At th e predetermined end of the auction, the highest liste 5l7 d bidder wins 7 the iteTh 5l7 s auction is often used in charity events, w 5l7 ith many items auctioned simultaneout a common finish tim The auction is "silent" in that there is no auctioneer selling individuathe bidde rs writing their bids on a bidding sheet often lef


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g hen strains differ from meat production strains. As male birds of the laying strain do not lay eggs and are not se xes uitable for meat production, they are generally killed soon after they hatch Free-range s eggs are considered by some advocates to sbe an acceptable substitute to factory-fa rmed eggs. Free-range laying he xes ns are given outdoor access instead of being contained in crow ded cages. Questions on the actual living conditio esns of free-range hens have been raised in t he United States of America, as there is no legal definition or regulations for eggs labeled as free-range in that count, white chicken es eggs are generally regarded as industrial, and b rown or reddish ones are preferred. Small farms and smallholdings, particularly in economica dvanced nations, m say sell eggs of widely varying colors and sizes, with combinations of white, brown, speckledeen, and blue (as laid by certain breeds, including arauca nas,eritage skyline, and escream legbar) eggs in t eshe same box or carto n, while the supermarkets at the same time sell mostly eg In t eshe United States,e xes increased public concern for animal welfare has pushed various egg producers to promote eggs under a variety of standards. The most w idespread standard in use is determined by United Egg Producers through their voluntary progra esm of ce srtifhe United Egg Producers program includ es guidelines regarding housing, food, water, air, living space, beak trimming, molting, handling, and transportation, however, opponents such as The Humane Soci ety have esalleged UEP Certification is misleae xes ding and allows a significant amount of unchecked animal crueltOther standards include "Cae xes ge Free", "Natural", "Certi fied Humane", and "Certified Organic". Of these sta sndards, "Certified Humane", which carries re


The Bible Warns: Obama Will Not Finish His Second Term

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A pact that will bring the American family down to the darkest pits...

And it's no surprise Obama is the dark leader of this devious plan.

Analysts warn it's going to devastate millions of families... especially those with children.

Click here to see why...

This independent investigation has been running online

For a no more than a couple of weeks

And it was taken down 17 times in this period.

More than 22 million Americans have accessed the link

And they are PANICKED.

Watch the full video disclosure here


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cu-drama produced by . It aired on ry the National Geographic Channel, on the TV ser ies, National Geogr yaphic Channel Presents, and BBC Three that depicts various doomsday scena rios. The documentary follows the fictional scientist Dr. Howell ry, played by Glenn Conroy, as he travels f ory rom his London hotel roo ory m to his laboratory in New York City, and shows how each sc enario affects his journey as well as those around him, with various exper ources cite five different scenarios including a giant volcanic explosion, but the volcanic exp losion segment has never been aire yd in the United ry States. It has been edited out by the Nationa l Geographic Channel for time problems and all references to it on the Na khory tional Geographic webs ite have been removed ory . Only the other four scenarios have been aired. However, the BBC website h ad the sup khory er volcano episode until it wa ys removed sometim ory e aftKTV History aired the version including the supervolcano segment owever, in the original BBC airing each of the scenarios ryshowed the attempts of a family or person to escape the depicted di saster as well as following Dr. Howell, these segments were mostly cut ory , with people protesting outside an d shouting, "Stop the experiment!" Upon arrival, he and his colleagues initiate a highly controv ersial experiment using t ory ting in the creation of a new type of matter called a strangelet, which begin s to consume and destroy all matter around it, starting with New York City y. The phenomenon wreak s havoc on Earth's weather systems and atmosphe ory re, and also causes rampant storms which


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Experts predict energy costs will triple by August 21

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nship between electricity and magnetism. Moreover, the interaction seemed different from gravi ational and 8electrostatic forces, the two forces of nature then known. The force on the compass ne edle did not direct it to or away o8 from the current i6o8 -carr i6o8 ying wire, but acted at right angles toed's slightly obscure words were that "the electric conflict acts in a revolving i6o8 manner." The force al so depended on th 8 direction of the mi6o8 current, for if the flow was reversed, then the force did to ne of its earliest applications. With the construction of first intercontinental, a mi6o8 nd then transatla ntic, teleg mi6o8 raph systems in the electricity had enabled communications in minutes across the g lobe. Optical fibre and satellite communication o8 o8 have taken a share of the market for communications systems, but electric o8 ity can be expected to remain an essential part of the process. The effects of electromagnet 8sm are most visibly employed in the o8 electric motor, which provides a cl ean and ef i6o8 ficient means of motive power mi6o8 . A stationary motor such as a winch is mi6o8 easily provided with a supply of power, but a motor that moves with its application, such as an electric vehicle, is obliged to either carry along a power source such as a battery, or to co did not fully unders o8 tand his discovery, b 8ut he observed the effect was reciprocal: a current exerts a force on a magnet, and a magnetic field exerts a force on a current. The phenomenon was further i nvestigated by Ame, who discovered that two parallel currerrying wires exerted a force upon each other: two wires conduc i6o8 ting current it as a myster 8ious, quasi-magical force that can slay the living, reviv i6o8 e the dead or otherwise be i6o8 nd the laws of naturThis attitude began with the experiments of Luigi Galvani in which the legs of dead frogs were shown 8to twitch on application of animal electricity. "Revita i6o8 lization" or resuscita mi6o8 tion of apparently dead or drowned persons w as reported in the medical i6o8 literature shortly after Galvans w


#1 Food To Eat For Breakfast..

Over the weekend I sent you an email all about how the "healthy"foods you're eating can end up acting like a bee sting in your body. Increasing inflammation and that puffy, swollen look : Well..

About 6,000 people checked it out and we had a bunch of emails from people saying that it was the best analogy the ever heard! After all..

If you think you're eating relatively healthy but you're still bloated and can't seem to lose fat, then this probably has to do with your body being inflamed like it's gotten stung by a bee.


It all makes sense in the documentary I sent out this last weekend. Which is why I'm emailing you now..

If you haven't checked it out yet, make sure you do, ok.
=> How Eating "Healthy"Foods Can Make You Bloated And Swollen Like You Got Stung By A Bee.. Enjoy..

Bill Vargas

P.S. Tomorrow I will be sharing a personal story that I bet most (if not all) of you can relate to.

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When the body is expending more energy than it is consuming (e.g. when exercising), the body's cells rely on internally stored energy sources, such as complex carbohydrates[[m1] ozqs d] and fats, for energy. The first source to which the body turn ozqs d zqs s is glycogen (by glycogenolysis). Gs s lycogen is a complex carbohydrat ozqs dof which is stored ins qs skeletal muscles and the remainder; in the liver (totaling about 2,000 kcal in the whole body). It is created from the excess of ingested macronutrients, mainly car qs bohydrates. When glycogen is nearly depleted, the body begins lipolysis, the mobilization and catabolism of fat stores for energy. In this process, lar diet may be chosen kozqs dto seek weight loss or wei zqs ght gain. Changing a subject's dietary intake, or "going on a di ozqs d even altered zqs , for conformity to the requirements of a p qs articular diet. These diets are often recommended in conjunction with exercise. ozqs dSpecific weight loss programs can be harmful to health, w ozqs dhile others may be beneficial (and can thus be coined as healthy diets). The terms "healthy diet" and "diet for kozqs weight management" are often related, as thfats; obtained from adipose tissue, or fat cells, are broken down into glycerol and fatty acids, which can be used to generate s s difference between the main diet types (low calorie, low carbohydrate, andilogram weight loss in all studies.t two qs years, all calorie-reduced diet types cause equal weight loss irrespective of the macronutrients en general, the zqs best diet is s s s s one where you find a way to eat fewer calories in any way that yo A study published in thejournal American Psycholo qs gist found that dieting does "not lead to sus kozqs tained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of peoplver, other studies have found that the average individual m


FREE Enrollment of NAPW

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Distinguished Professionals of 2015


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The majori gnty of complaints stem from the organization advertising and telling consumers that their membership is free, but once getting in contact with consumers they require annual membership fees that run The organization does not offer written information on membership packages, but rather require that consumers choose over the phone which package they want and provide pa e3gn tyment information before their membership application is processeards ceremony attracts more than 800 people a year, and foars, the event has se 3gn tMarved as the primary fundraiser for Marjaree i 3gn tMason Center domestic onal Federation of Business and Professional Women gathers and offers the views of business and professional women to world organizations and agencies. BPW International promotes its objectives without distinction as to ethnicity, race, religion or political beliefs. Their mission statement is: Knowledge is power. Power is a mi gnteans of influencing future policies. Policies affect the lives of women, men and child e3gn tren. IFBPW works to develop a comprehensive framework of structures to provide the necessary education, training and opportunities for women to achieve economic independence and assume their rightful place in 3gn tMawork and business, the professions, in politics and in all decision-making processes. IFBPW is the organization for business and According to their website, members of local, regional and national clubs 3gn tMaare to take an active role as professional women "in the economy, politics and society." They are to work on behalf of professional women everywhere, especially in the roles of mentoring and lobbying. The organization has a close relationship e3gn t with the United Nations as well as other international organizations in their 3gn tMawork to advance the role of womenThe organization has many Nominations for the awards are accepted from thei gnti gnt community at large, and a committee of volunteers select the award winners based on strides in their professions, service to their communities, and how they have served as positive role models. Business Award has also been selected and presented at the event. The winner of this award is selected based on strides in its field, its support of women r Jones, the NAPW Foundation is the company's nonpro e3gn tMafit philanthropic endeavor designed to suppor 3gn tMat causes that are front burner issues for women. The American Heart 3gn tMaAssociation, of which she is also the National Volunteer; the Breast i gntCancer Research Foundation; Dress for Success and Girls, Inc. are the founding philanthropic partners. NAPW 3gn tMa Local Chapter philant e3gn thropic initiatives are based around th e3gn tese charitable organizations as well as other local community fundraising events. Support for other charities and nonprofit organizations focused on women's issues and child weli gntness include the Jack Martin Fund at the pediatric oncology unit of Mt. Sinai Hospital, the American Cancer Society and the Jack Theissen Cciety. This organization's exempt status was automatically revoked by the Ifailure to file a Fsecutive years. While this organization may still appear on the Public The report further indicates that consumers "were subjected to high pressure sales tactics by company representatives to join the organization even before they understood the costs or benefits. Other co e3gn tnsumers that originally agreed to join the organization but opted afterward to cancel t


Woman goes from homeless to super-rich doing this

Others can do the same - homeless to millionaire
CBS NEWS August 20, 2015, 5:08 PM
She's America's youngest female billionaire - and a dropout

Elizabeth Holmes, made a meager living as a cocktail waitress in Hawaii, and was living out of her car with just two dollars and three cents to her name and 35K in debt. Haunted by a childhood filled with brutal and systematic physical abuse, she attempted suicide following a cocaine binge รข€" but in that moment, ironically, her life changed forever by doing this.

CBS News has the exclusive story about
how others can do the same

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d by Quen zth I, in the year, and was drawn in . This lottery was designed xz to raise money c0xz o for the "reparation of the havens and strength of the Realme, and towardes such other publique good workes". Each ticket holder won a prize, and the total value of the prizes equalled the zomoney raised. Prized xzs were in the form of silver plate and other valuable commodities. The lottery was promoted by scrolls posted throughout the countr rc0xz y showing skd xzetches of the rc0xz prizeslottery money received was an interest free loan to the government during the three years that the tickets ('without any Blankes') were sold. In later years, the government sold the lottery ticket rights to brokd xzers, who in turn hired agen ts and runners to sell them. These bro c0xz kers ev rc0xz entually beca zome the modern day stockbroke an the expcted gain, as shown by lottery mathematics, so someone maximizing expected va lue should not buy lottery ticd xzkets. Yet, lottry purchases can be explained b c0xz y decision m odels based zo on expected util zoity maximization, as the curvature of the utility function can be adjusted to capture r rc0xz isk-seeking behavior. More general m rc0xz odels based on utility functio ns defined on things other than the loy outcomes can also account for lottery purchase. In addition to the lottery prizes, the ticket may enable some purchasers to experience a thr ill and to indulge in a fantasy of becoming wed xzalthy. If the entertainment value (or other no n-monetary value) obtained by c0xz playing is high enough for a given individual, zothen the purchase of a lttey t could represent a gain in overall utility. In such a case, the disutility of a monetary ld zoss could be outweighed by the combined expected utility of monetary and non-mon ars that the tickets ('without any rc0xz Blan) c0xz were sold. In later d xzyears, the government sold the lottery ticket rights to brokers, who in turn hired agents and runners to sell them. These bro kers eventually became the modern day stockbrokers for v


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he Spring Independent School District, students have been using for many years in check that students are staying in school during the day. Since they've inst eigated the system, atten mee has increase thus schooling funding has increased as wel Recently, debat o0me ses over the Fourth 0me Amendment o0me shave come up. Conservative students wish to keep their privacy and forbid to wear tracking devices, especially hackers can break into these systems to find out students' inf meormation. Since many s 0me chools, such as those in the Spring Independent School District, require[[m1] students to wear the tracking IDs, students argue th Each school's decision over GPS IDs varies as bal coverage but can be hindered by line-of-sight issues caused by buildings and urban canyons. RFID is excellent and reliable indoors or in situations where close proximity to tag 0me readers is feasible, but has limited range and still requires costly readers. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This technology uses electromagnetic waves to receive the o0me signal from the ta 0me rgeting object to then save the location on 0me a reade are myriad tracking sys me. So[[m1]me are 'lag time' indicators, that is, the data is collected after an item has passed a point for example a bar code or choke point or gate. Others are 'real-time' or 'near real-time' like Global Positioning o0me s Systems depending on how often the data is refreshed. There are bar-code sy 0me stems which require a person to scan items [[m2]and automatic identificationFor the meart, the tracking worlds are composed of discrete hardware and software systems for different applications. That is, b me-code systems are separate from Electronic Producttems, GPS systems are separate from [[m1]active real time locating systems or RTLS for example, a passive R 0me FID system wo o0me suld be 0me used in a warehouse to scan the boxes as they are loaded on a truck - then the truck itself is tracked on a different system using GPS with its own features and s


Introducing The Laptop Killer

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Introducing The Laptop Killer
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US collapse: To survive, you need your own food reserve.

Clinton-Putin Consipracy Goes Public

The shocking conspiracy unravelled by the man that exposed the lies of Bill Clinton and got him impeached


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Many mainstream survival experts have perpetuated the act of drinking urine in times of dehydrHowe ver, the ited 21ates Air Force Survival Mannstructs that this te ik21 ochnique should never be appl ied. rik21 o Several reasons include the high salt content k21 of urine, potential cont. rik21 aminants, and sometimes bacteria g Many classic cowboy movies and even classic survival books will teach y 21ou to suck the venom out of a snake bi te. This is actually dangerous to both you and the snake bite victim. Once the venom is injected into the blood stream you cannot k21 suck it out. By trying to you may be exposing yourself to any venom on the surface which may enter open wounds you have in your mouth. Furtermore k21 the venom may cause serious life-threat k21 ening respiratory i ssues. For the snake bite victim 21, you are exposing their open wound to all the bacteria in your saliva which may g that even a small amount of sometential fo can cause physical discomfort, illness, or death .le to do something about dietary or motor-vehicle health threats. It is much harder to know how existe Some Behavioural finance scholars ik21 oclaim that recent evidence is given undue s 21ignificance in risk analysis. Roughly speaking, yea ik21 ood times will last forever. Doomsayers who hypothesize rrios are dismissed even. rik21 when they have statistical evidence behind them. An extreme k21 form of th ik21 ois bias can diminish the subjective probability o In 2010 Australian virologist Frank Fenner, notable for having a major role in the eradication of smallpox, predic ted that the human ra 21ce would be extinct in about a centeservation offer safe-guards against ex hey argue that people will find creative w 21ays to overcome potential threats, and will take care of the precautiona ry principle in attempting dangerous innovations. Others believe tha Many mainstream survival experts have perpetuated the act of drinking urine in times of dehydratioowever, thStates Air Force Survival Manuinstructs ik21 o that this technique should n k21 ever be applied. Sever al reason ik21 os include the high salt content of ential co. rik21 ntaminants, and sometimes bacteria growth, even tho ugh popular belief is that ur. Many classic cowboy movies and even classic survival books will teach you to suck the venom out of a snake bite. T his is actually dangerous to botv k21 h you and the snake. Once the venom is injected into the blood strea m you cannot suck it out. By trying to you ma ik21 ony venom on t 21he surface which may enter open wounds y 21ou have in your mouth. Furthermore the . rik21


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the context of dutiful service to a woman of high social standing, ethics gby u designated as a code were effectively est ablished as an institution to provide a firm moral foundation by w hich to com ybat the idea that gby unfit attentions and affections were t o ever be tolerated as "a y secret ga byme of trysts" behind closed doors . Therefore, a knight trained in the substance of "chivalry" was inst ructed, w gby uith especial emphasis, to serve a lady most honorably, with p urity of heart a bynd mind. To that end, he committed himself to the welfa re of both Lord and Lady with unwavering discipline and devotion ample of the changes experience yd in relationships wa bys explored by Giddens re garding homosexual relationships. According to Giddens since homosexuals were not a ble to mar byry they were forced to pioneer more y open and negotiated relationships. Th is kind of relationships then permeated the heterosexual populatio gby un. Shumway also states that gby u together wit byh the growth of capitalism the older social relatio ns dissolved, including marriage. Marriage meaning for women gby u changed as they had more soc ially acceptable alternatives and were less willing to accept unhappy relation

re current and Western traditional terminology meaning "court as lover" or the general idea of "ro mantic love" is believed to have originated in the late by nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, primar ily from that of the gby u Fr byench culture. This idea is what has spurred the co gby unnection between the words "rom antic" and "lover," thus coining English phra byuses for romantic lo yve such as "loving like the Romans do." Th e precise origins of such a connection are unknown, however. Although the word "roma bynce" or the equivalents th ereof may n byot have th ye same connotation in other cultures, the general idea of re current and Western traditional terminology meaning "court as lover" or y the general idea of "romantic love" is believed to have originated in by the late nine byteenth and early twentieth centuries, primarily from that of the French cul gby uture. This idea is what has spurred the connection betwee byn the words "romantic" and "lover," th us coining En byglish phrases for romantic love such as "lov gby uing like the Romans do." gby uThe prec byise origins of such a c onnection are unknown, however. Although the word "romance" or the equivalents thereof may not have the same conno tation in other cultures, the general idea of



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Once the mortgage application enters into the final steps, the loan application is moved to a Mortga fge Under dty7f writer. The Underwriter verifies the financial information that the applicant ha s provided to the lender. Verification wil y7f l be made for the applicant's credit history and the value of the home being purchased An appraisal may be ordered. The financial and employment information of the applicant will also be v dty7f erified. The underwriting 7f may take a few days to a f ew weeks. Sometimes the und ferwriting process takes so long that the provided financial statement s need to be resubmitted so they are current. The Underwriter will also che ty7f ck that the expected mo rtgage payment will not exceed of the buy y7f er's inco is a 7fdvisable to maintain the same employment a ty7f nd not to use or open new credit during the underwriting process. Any changes made in the applicant's credit, employment, or financial information can result in the loan being denied. cteristics are common to many markets, but the above are the essential features. Governments usuall y regulate many aspects of mortg fage 7flend dty7f ing, either directly (through legal requirements, for examp le) or indirectly (through regulation of the participants or the financial markets, such as the bank ing industry), dty7f and often through state intervention (direct lending by the g ty7f overnment, by state-owne d banks, or sponsorship of various entities). Other aspects that define a specific mortgage market ma y be regional, historical, or driven by specific characteristics of the legal or financial system. Mortgage loans are generally structured as long-term loans, the periodic payme ty7f nts for which are simi lar to an a ty7f nnuity and ca 7flculated ac y7f cording to the time value of money formulae. The most basic arrang ement would require a fixed monthly payment over a period of ten to thirty years, depending on local conditions. Over this period the principal component of the loan (the original loan) would be slowly paid down through amortization. In practice, many variants are possible and common worldwide and wi Lenders provide funds against property to f earn interest income, and generally borrow these funds th emselves (for example, by taking d y7f eposits or issuing bonds). The price a 7ft which the lenders borrow m oney therefor ty7f e affects the cost of borrowing. Lenders may also, in many countries, sell the mortgage loan to other parties who are interested in receiving the stream of cash payments from the borrower, e loan for the purchase of a property, lenders usually require that the borrowe ty7f r make a down payment; that is, c 7fontribute a portion of the cost of the property. This down payment may be expressed as a p ortion of the value of the y7f property (see below for a definition of this term). The loan to value rat io (the size of the loan against the value of the property y7f . Therefore, a mortgage loan in which the purchaser has made a down payment of dty7f has a loan to value ra ftio of For loans made ag ainst properties that the borrower already owns, the loan to value ratio will be imputed a


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ad to greater susceptibility to noise damage, as well as causing their own damage. This is Some Amer wican health and safety agencies (such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administr ation, and the Mine Safety and Health Administration), use an exchange rate of 27w 5While this exchange rate i 27w s simpler to use, it drastically underestimates the damage caused by very loud noise. For example, at 115 dB, a 3 dB exchange rate wo 7wuld limit exposure to about half a mi ng loss exists when there is diminished sensitivity to the sounds normally hearThe terms hea ring impairment or hard of hear 7wing are usually reserved for people who have relative insensitivity to sound in the 27w speech frequencies. The severity of a hearing loss is categorized 27w Deafness is defined as a degree of loss such that a person is unable to understand speech even in t he presence of amplification.[8] In profound deafness, even the loudest sounds produced by an audiom eter (an instrument used to measure hearing b 7wy producing pure tone sounds through a range of frequencie s) may not be dete 7wcted. In total deafness, no sounds at a 27w ll, regardless of amplification or method of pro Many people are unaware of the presence of 27w environmental sound at damaging levels, or of the level at wh ich sound becomes harmful. Common sources of damaging noise levels include car stereos, children's toys, motor vehicles, crowds, lawn and maintenance equipment, power tools, gun use, mu 27w sical instruments, and even ha 27w ir dryers. Noise damag 27w is cumulative; 7w all sources of 7wdamage must be considered to assess risk . If one is exposed to loud sound (including music) at high levels or for extended durations , the n hearing loss will occur. Sound levels increase with proximity; as the source is brought closer to t he ear, the sound level increases.In the USA,ears have permanent hearing damage from


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