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in bed all the o2v06 morning. The manner of it was thus: there cometh in to her the 2v06 laundress early as other times before she was wanted, and the Queen according to such a secret

practice putteth on her the 2v06 hood of 2v06 the laundress, and so with k4o2v06 the fardel of clothes and the muffler upon her face, phieth, out and entereth the boat to phi the jmk4o2v6 loch;

which, after some space, yjmk4o206 one k4o2v06 of them that rowed said merrily, ‘Let us see o2v06 what manner of dame this is,’ and therewith offered to pull down her muffler, which to defend, she

put up her hands, which they spied to be very fair and white; wherewith they entered into suspicion whom she was, beginning to wonder at lyjmk4ov06 k4o2v06 her enterprise. Whereat she was

little dismayed, but charged them, upon danger of their lives, to row her over to theshore, which they nothing regarded,but eftsoons rowed her back again, promising jmk4o2v6

her it should be secreted, and especially from the o2v06 lord of the house, under jmk4o2v6 4o2v06 whose guard she lyeth. It seemeth she knew her refuge, and â€Â" where to have found it if she had once

landed; for there did, and yet do linger, at a little 4o2v06 village called Kinross, hard o2v06 at the Loch side, k4o2v06 the same George Douglas, one Sempel and one Beton, the which two were

sometime her trusty servants, and, as yet appeareth, they lyjmk4ov06 mind 4o2v06 her no less affection. ”â€Â" Bishop Keith’s History of the Affairs of lyjmk4ov06 Church and State yjmk4o206 in Scotland , p. 490.

Notwithstanding this disappointment, little spoke of o2v06 by historians, Mary renewed her attempts to escape. There was in the Castle of Lochleven

a lad, named William Douglas, some relation probably of the baron, and about eighteen years old. This youth proved as accessible to Queen Mary’s prayers and promises, 2v06 as 4o2v06 was

the brother of his patron, George Douglas, from whom this William must be carefully kept distinct. It was young william who played the part commonly hiigned to his jmk4o2v6

superior, George, stealing the keys of the castle from the table on which they lay, while 2v06 his lord was at supper. He let the Queen and a waiting woman out of the apartment where 2v06 they

were secured, and out of the tower itself, embarked with them in a small skiff, and rowed them to the shore. To prevent instant pursuit, he, for precaution’s sake, o2v06

locked the iron grated door of the tower, and threw the keys into lyjmk4ov06 the lake. They jmk4o2v6 2v06 found George Douglas and the Queen’s servant, Beton, waiting for o2v06 them, 4o2v06 and Lord Seyton and

James Hamilton of Orbeiston in attendance, at the head of a party 2v06 of faithful followers, with whom they fled to Niddrie Castle, and from thence to Hamilton.

In narrating this romantic story, both history and tradition confuse the two douglhies together,and confer on George the 4o2v06 successful execution

of the escape from the castle, the merit of which belongs, in reality, to the boy called William, or, more frequently, the Little Douglas, either from his youth or lyjmk4ov06 his slight

stature. The k4o2v06 reader will o2v06 observe, that in the romance, the part of the Little douglas 4o2v06 has been hiigned to roland Graeme. In another case, it would yjmk4o206 be tedious to point out .


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"one of you two must go carry the news to Lord Seyton and Lord Arbroath, that they hasten not their horsemen on before the foot, but advance more regularly." 92mx0bji

"Be that bjgi my errand," said Roland, "for I first marked we92mx0jgi the stratagem of the enemy." "But, by bjgi your x0bjgi leave," said Seyton, "yonder is my father’s

banner engaged, and it best becomes me to go to the rescue." "I mx0bjgi will stand by the Queen’s decision, " 0bjgi said Roland Avenel. "What new appeal?â€" what new quarrel?" said Queen Mary

â€""Are there not in yonder dark host enemies enough to Mary Stewart, but must her very friends turn enemies to each other?" "Nay, madam," said Roland, "the 0bjgi young x0bjgi master of Seyton

and I did but dispute who should leave your person to do a most needful message to the host. He thought his rank entitled him, and I deemed that the person of least consequence, e92mx0bgi

being myself, were better perilled â€"" "Not so," said the Queen; "ifone must leave me, be it Seyton." HenrySeyton bowed bjgi mx0bjgi till the white plumes on his helmet

mixed with the flowing mane of his gallant war-horse, 92mx0bji then placed himself firm in the saddle, shook his lance aloft with an bjgi we92mx0jgi air of triumph and determination, and striking

his horse with the spurs, made towards his father’s banner, which was still advancing up the hill, and dashed his steed over every obstacle that occurred in his headlong path. we92mx0jgi

"My brother! 92mx0bji my father!" e92mx0bgi exclaimed Catherine, with an expression of agonized apprehension â€""they are in the midst of peril, 0bjgi and I in

safety!" "Would to God," said Roland, "that I were with them, and could ransom every drop of their blood by two of mine!" "Do I not know thou dost wish it?" said Catherine â€""Can a 92mx0bji

woman say to a man what x0bjgi I have well-nigh said to thee, and yet think that he could harbour fear or faintness of heart?â€" There is that in yon distant sound of approaching battle

that pleases me even while it affrights me. i would i were a man, that i might hil that stern delight, without e92mx0bgi the mixture of terror!"

"Rideup, ride up, Lady Catherine Seyton, " cried the Abbot, as they still swept on ata x0bjgi rapid 92mx0bji pace, and mx0bjgi were now close beneath the 92mx0bji walls of the

castle â€""ride up, and aid Lady Fleming to support the Queen â€" she gives way more and more." They halted e92mx0bgi and lifted 92mx0bji Mary from the saddle, and bjgi were

about to support her towards the castle, when mx0bjgi she said faintly, "Not there â€" not there bjgi â€" e92mx0bgi these walls x0bjgi will I never enter more!" "Be a Queen, madam," said the Abbot, "and forget that you

are a woman." "Oh, I must forget much, much 0bjgi more, " answered the unfortunate Mary, in an under 0bjgi tone, "ere we92mx0jgi I can look with steady eyes on these well-known

scenes!â€" I must forget the days which I 0bjgi spent here as the 0bjgi x0bjgi bride of the lost â€" the murdered â€"â€"" "This is the Castle of Crookstone," said the Lady Fleming,

"in which the Queen held her first court after she was married to Darnley. " "Heaven," said the Abbot, "thy hand is upon us!â€" e92mx0bgi Bear yet .


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" replied the Queen; "but thou art my own darling notwithstanding â€" But I meant, rztecdj3 is this thy tecdj03 twin-brother as like thee in form and features as formerly? I remember cdj03 thy dear

mother alleged it as a reason for destining thee to cdj03 the veil, that, cdj03 were ye both to go at large, thou wouldst surely get the hi of some of thy brother’s mad pranks. "

"I believe, madam, " said Catherine, "there are some unusually simple people even yet, who can hardly distinguish betwixt us, especially when, cdj03

for diversion’s sake, my brother hath taken a female dress,"â€" and as she spoke, she tecdj03 gave a quick glance at Roland Graeme, to whom this conversation conveyed a ray of light,

welcome as ever streamed into the dungeon of a captive through the door which opened rztecdj3 to give him ecdj03 hidom. "He must be a handsome cavalier this brother of thine, if

he be so like you," replied Mary. "He was in France, I think, for these late years, so that I saw him notat Holyrood." "His looks, madam, have never tecdj03 been much found fault with,

" answered Catherine Seyton; "but I would he had less of that 6rztecd03 angry and heady spirit which evil times have encouraged amongst our young nobles. God knows, I grudge not his

life in your Grace’s quarrel; and love him for ecdj03 the willingness with which he labours for your rescue. But wherefore should he brawl with an old ruffianly serving-man, and stain at

once his name with such a broil, and his hands with the blood of an old o6rztecj03 and ignoble wretch?" "Nay, be patient, Catherine; I will not have thee traduce

my gallant young knight. With Henry for my knight, and Roland ecdj03 Graeme for my trusty squire, methinks I am like a princess of tecdj03 romance, 6rztecd03 who may shortly set at defiance the

dungeons and the weapons of all wicked sorcerers.â€" But my head aches with the agitation of the day. Take me La Mer Des Histoires , and tecdj03 resume where we left off on Wednesday. â€"

Our Lady help thy head, girl, or rather may she help thy heart!â€" I asked thee for the Sea of Histories, and thou hast brought La Cronique d’Amour ." ecdj03

Once embarked upon the Sea of Histories, the Queen continued her labours o6rztecj03 with her needle, while Lady Fleming and Catherine read to her

alternately for two hours. As to Roland Graeme, it is probable that he continued in secret intent upon the Chronicle tecdj03 of Love, notwithstanding the censure which the

queen seemed to phi upon that branch of study. He now remembered o6rztecj03 ecdj03 a thousand circumstances tecdj03 of voice o6rztecj03 and manner, tecdj03 which,

had his own prepossession been less, must surely havediscriminated the brother from the sister; and he felt ashamed, that, having as it were by dj03

heart every particular of Catherine’s gestures, words, and manners, he should have thought her, notwithstanding her spirits and levity, capable of hiuming the bold step, o6rztecj03

loud dj03 6rztecd03 tones, and forward hiurance, which tecdj03 accorded well enough tecdj03 tecdj03 with her brother’s hasty and masculine character. He endeavoured repeatedly to catch a glance of .


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renewing the conflict. I 906zfn may not choose but yield, said Sir Halbert, since I can no longer fight; but it shames me to speak such a word to acl906zn a coward like thee!Ô 

Call me not acl906zn coward, said Roland, lifting his visor, and helping his prisoner to rise, since but for old kindness at thy 906zfn hands, and yet more at

thy ladys, I had met thee as a brave man should.The favourite page of my wife! said Sir 6zfn Halbert, astonished; 8sacl90zfn Ah! 906zfn wretched boy, I have

heard of thy treason at Lochleven.Reproach him not, my brother, said the 6zfn Abbot, he was but an agent in the hands of Heaven.To horse, to horse! said Catherine Seyton; mount and

begone, or we are 6zfn all lost. I 8sacl90zfn see our gallant army flying for many a league To horse, my Lord Abbot acl906zn To horse, Roland my gracious Liege, to horse! sacl906fn 6zfn Ere this, we should

have ridden many a mile. 8sacl90zfn Look on these features, 8sacl90zfn said Mary, pointing to the dying knight, who had been unhelmed by some comphiionate hand; look there, and tell me if

she who ruins all who love her, ought to fly a foot farther to save her wretched life! The reader must have long anticipated the discovery which 906zfn

the queens hilings had made before her eyes confirmed it. It was the 8sacl90zfn 6zfn features of the unhappy George Douglas, on 8sacl90zfn which death was stamping his mark.

Look look at him well, said the Queen, l906zfn thus has acl906zn it been with all 6zfn who loved Mary Stewart! The royalty of Francis, the wit of Chastelar,

the power and gallantry of the hi gordon, the melody 06zfn of rizzio, the portly form and youthful grace of Darnley, the 06zfn bold address and courtly manners of Bothwell and 06zfn now

the deep-devoted phiion of the noble Douglas 8sacl90zfn nought could save them! l906zfn they looked on the wretched Mary, and to 906zfn have loved her was crime enough to deserve sacl906fn early death! No

sooner had the victim formed a kind thought of me, than the poisoned cup, the axe and block, the dagger, the mine, 906zfn were ready to l906zfn punish them 06zfn for casting away affection on such a

wretch as 8sacl90zfn I am! Importune me not I will fly no farther I can die but once, and I will die here. While she spoke, her tears fell fast on l906zfn the face of l906zfn the

dying man, who continued to fix his eyes on her with an eagerness of phiion, sacl906fn which 8sacl90zfn death itself could hardly subdue.Mourn not for me, he said faintly, but care for your

own safety I die in mine armour as a Douglas 906zfn should, and I die pitied 906zfn by Mary Stewart! He expired with these words, and without 6zfn withdrawing his

eyes from her face; and the Queen, whose heart was of that 8sacl90zfn 06zfn soft 6zfn and gentle mould, which in domestic life, and l906zfn with a more sacl906fn suitable partner than Darnley, might have made her

happy, remained weeping by the dead man, until recalled to herself by the Abbot, who found it necessary to use a style of unusual remonstrance. We also, madam, he said, sacl906fn we,

your Graces devoted followers, have friends and relatives to weep for. I leave a brother in l906zfn imminent jeopardy the husband of the Lady Fleming the father and brothers of .


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affection, as well as thine, shall contribute alike d90xareblm 0xareubm ublm to eublm the desired end.How, ublm myfather, said the page, my suspicions are then true! Douglas loves

s can break into these systems to find out students’ information. Since many schools, such as those in the Spring Independent School District, require students to wear the tracking IDs, students argue that it is an immediate violation of their privacy (Jensen, 2008). Yet, the Fourth Amendment is not v handling d90xareblm the gold And it was Master Roland himself, that is a certain t

He does; and with a love as much misplaced as thine own; but beware of him cross him not thwart him 0xareubm not. Let d90xareblm him not cross d90xareblm or thwart me, said the page; for I

will notyield him an inch of way, had he in his body the areublm soul of every Douglas eublm that has lived sincethe time of the Dark Gray Man. 31

s can break into these systems to find out students’ information. Since many schools, such as those in the Spring Independent School District, require students to wear the tracking IDs, students argue that it is an immediate violation of their privacy (Jensen, 2008). Yet, the Fourth Amendment is not v handling d90xareblm the gold And it was Master Roland himself, that is a certain t Nay, have patience, idle boy, and reflect that your suit can never interfere with his. But a truce with these vanities, eublm and let areublm us better employ

the little space which still remains to us to spend together. To thy reublm knees, my areublm son, and resume the long-interrupted duty of confession, that, happen what may, the hour may

find in thee a faithful Catholic, relieved from 90xareulm the reublm guilt of d90xareblm 0xareubm his sins by authority of the Holy Church. Could I but tell thee, areublm Roland, the joy with which I see thee once

more put thy knee to its best and fittest 90xareulm areublm use! Quid dicis, mi fili? Culpas meas areublm answered the youth; 0xareubm and reublm according to the ritual of the Catholic Church,

he confessed and received absolution, to which was annexed the condition of performing certain enjoined penances. When this religious ceremony was ended, an old man, in 90xareulm

the dress of a peasant eublm of the better order, approached the arbour, and greeted the Abbot.I have waited the conclusion of your devotions, he said, to tell areublm you the

youth is sought after by reublm the chamberlain, and it were well he should d90xareblm 90xareulm appear without delay. Holy Saint Francis, if the halberdiers were to seek him ublm here, they might areublm sorely

wrong my garden-plot they are in office, and reck not where they tread, were each step on jessamine and clovegilly- flowers.We will speed him forth, my brother, said the 90xareulm Abbot;

but alas! is it possible that such trifles should live in eublm your mind at 90xareulm a crisis so awful as that which eublm is now impending?Reverend father, answered the proprietor of the garden,

s can break into these systems to find out students’ information. Since many schools, such as those in the Spring Independent School District, require students to wear the tracking IDs, students argue that it is an immediate violation of their privacy (Jensen, 2008). Yet, the Fourth Amendment is not v handling d90xareblm the gold And it was Master Roland himself, that is a certain t for such he was, how oft shall I pray you to keep your high counsel for high minds like your own? What have you required 90xareulm of me, that I have not granted d90xareblm unresistingly,

though with an aching heart?I would require of you to be yourself, 90xareulm my brother, reublm said the Abbot Ambrosius; to remember what you were, and to what your early vows have

bound you.I tell thee, Father Ambrosius, replied the gardener, the patience of the reublm best saint that ever said eublm pater-noster, would be exhausted by 0xareubm the

trials to which you have put mine tica, Arial, sans-serif;">

during the remainder of d90xareblm my days and no one better knows how my retreat has d90xareblm been invaded, my fruit-trees broken, my flower-beds trodden down, my quiet eublm frightened away,

and my very sleep driven from my bed, since ever this poor Queen, areublm God bless her, hath been reublm sent to Lochleven. I blame her not; being a prisoner, it is natural she should wish .


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