Are Your Tired Of Your Ordinary Looking House?

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Are Your Tired Of Your Ordinary Looking House?

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Are Your Tired Of Your Ordinary Looking House?


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Saint Catherine of Sienna!— may God forgive me thatI spoke so lightly, and made you do a great sin anda great blasphemy. This was her nunnery, in which IVBGNU there were

twelve nuns and an abbess. My aunt was the abbess, till OGGIAFLM the heretics turned all adrift. " "And where are NGXDBA your companions?" asked the FRJNRRYEL youth.

"With the last year's snow," answered the maiden; "east, north, south, and west — some to France, some to Flanders, some, I QVRIJX fear, into the world

and its pleasures. We have got permission to remain, or rather our remaining has been connived at, for my aunt has RLLLKRXFC YBMANQCDV great relations among the Kerrs, and they have threatened

a death-feud if OBKTDPNX any one touches us; and bow and spear are the KTBX best RVQKRP warrant GBODEEQF in these times." "Nay, then, you sit under a sure shadow," said the youth;

"and YQUXKJPH I suppose you wept yourself blind when Saint Catherine broke up housekeeping before you BWDDLIJPY had taken arles 11 in her service?" "Hush! for Heaven's sake, " said the damsel, crossing

herself; GAII "no SPCTKY more of that! but I have not quite CWK cried my eyes out," said she, turning them upon him, and IYFISULM instantly again bending them upon her work. It was one JJHWV of those glances

which would require the threefold plate of brhi around the heart, more GBRV than it is needed by the mariners, to whom Horace recommends it. Our youthful page had no

defence whatever to offer. "What say you, Catherine," he said, "if we two, CFCOMQAB thus strangely turned out IKNHFVPJP of service at QQLFUSHJF the same time, should give our two XLIJF most venerable duennas

the torch to hold, while we walk a merry measure with each other over the floor of this weary world?" "A goodly GWGU proposal, truly," WRNJA said Catherine, "and worthy

the mad-cap brain of a discarded page!— And what SECCLUUB shifts does your worship propose we should live by?— by singing ballads, cutting purses, or swaggering on the highway? for there,

I think, you would find your most productive exchequer." "Choose, you DPLHOG proud peat!" said the page, drawing off in huge disdain at the calm and

unembarrhied ridicule with which his wild proposal was received. And as he spoke the words, the casement was again darkened SHIN by the forms of

the matrons — it QMPX opened, and admitted Magdalen Graeme and the Mother Abbess, so we must now style her, into the apartment. 11 anglice — earnest-hi

The Abbot, SCPETLROS by Walter Scott PYGN ABXWJF Chapter the Twelfth. Nay, hear XFHP me, brother — I JDDDS am elder, wiser, And holier than thou — And age, and wisdom,

And holiness, have peremptory claims, And will be listen'd to. Old play. When XFXCF the matrons re-entered, WOVMQ and put an end to the conversation — which we have detailed

in the last chapter, Dame Magdalen Graeme thus DCRMUJMX addressed her grandson and his pretty companion: "Have you spoke together, KJKPJPYB my children?— Have

you become known to each other as fellow-travellers on the same dark and dubious road, whom chance hath brought together, and who study to learn the tempers and DFCX



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