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come from Rome to see her, and was staying for some days in the convent. This mother was so loving, she had always shewn such delicacy in her treatment of what she supposed XBEQJ

to be her daughter's affections, that the latter felt VGPJNUEKN a XNJRNHUU profound remorse at being obliged to deceive her; for, after MWHPVNI all, would she ever dare to tell her that she

was receiving the man who had robbed her of PBGSFYDC her son? FSNVQTIE Elena ended RVN by KLUH admitting frankly to Giulio that if this mother who was so good to her should question her in a certain

way, she would never have the strength to answer her with lies. Giulio was fully aware of the danger of his position; his fate depended on the chance which might HIGOXCEI dictate

certain words to Signora de' Campireali. UFQNLPQPV On the following night MFRFYCJ he said to her, with a resolute air: "To-morrow SXAFJW I shall come earlier, I shall detach one of

the bars of this grating, you will come down to the garden, I shall take you to a church in the town, where a priest who is devoted to me will marry us. Before daylight you NSHVIIB

will be back in this garden. Once you are my wife, I shall have nothing OQVUI more to fear, and if your mother insists upon it, as LIXFX an expiation of the fearful misfortune VRD which we

all equally deplore, I PYERK will consent to anything, were it even that WPKDC I must spend some months without seeing you." As ISUPOFX Elena appeared terrified by this proposal, Giulio

added: "The Princesummons me back to his side; PURNRAA AAF honour and all sorts of reasons oblige me AWYDM to go. my proposal is the only XHFIG one that can WTJ hiure our

future happiness; if you do not agree to it, let us separate for ever, here, at this moment. I BEEYVVE shall leave you WLBOCSO with a sense of remorse at my rashness. I trusted in your word

of honour, you are unfaithful to the most sacred of oaths, and I hope that in the course of time the contempt which your fickleness rightly CSQJS inspires in me may NIXDGHKQ cure me of this

love which has been for too long the bane of my life." Elena OHMAL burst into tears: "Great God!" she exclaimed, weeping, "how terrible SFKPD QMQSDSNTU for my

mother!" HKG In the end, she agreed to the proposal that had been made to her. "But," she added, "some CYODEWK one may see us, OOBXDEJW LTMONB going or coming;

think of the scandal that would arise, consider the fearful position in which my mother would find herself placed; let us wait until she goes, which will be in a few days. " FIEYVXVF

"You have succeeded in making me doubt what was to me the holiest, the most sacred thing in the world: my confidence in your word. To-morrow night KDKJTN

we will be married, or else we see one another now for the last time, NRX on this side of the grave." Poor Elena could make no answer save by her tears, her

heart was torn especially by the cruel and decided tone which Giulio had adopted. Had she then really merited his contempt? Could this be that same EIC DLGM lover who was formerly

so docile and so tender? At length she agreed to what had been ordered of her. Giulio withdrew. From that moment, Elena awaited the coming of the following night in KRJYGWALF an .


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